The false doctrines of the Church of Woke

Wokism, a doctrine that is being enforced at many major institutions in this country, is a religion, of falseness, racial separation, and racial animus.  Call it The Church of Woke.

Adherents to the faith are not simply advocating education.  

Here's an example.  Blacks as a whole are 13% of society.  The NBA players are 90% Black men, and the NFL players are 70% Black men.  The overwhelming reason there's such a high percentage of Black men employed professionally in these sports is because of their superiority in playing basketball and football.  That's it.  That's all there is to it.

But a much lower percentage of Blacks are involved in management in these sports.  Under wokism, the management disparity is automatically attributed to racism.  Woke doesn't use racism to explain the selection of the players but does explain the management disparity as racism.  In fact, for various cultural reasons, Black people as a group underperform educationally but outperform in many sports.  There are lots of reasons for these disparities in management besides racism. 

No one is suggesting we keep people ignorant of prior wrongdoings.  We have taught for years the wrongs that were done under slavery and Jim Crow and even after Jim Crow.  That's not what Woke wants.  Woke wants to isolate what Americans did wrong without context and without recognizing that America has been better than others in integrating and assimilating people of various cultures.

Woke doesn't want to teach our children that Black Africans were heavily involved in enslaving other Black Africans and that slavery still exists in Africa.  Woke doesn't want to teach our children that slavery was ubiquitous, a worldwide phenomenon engaged in by Indians in the Americas, Blacks in Africa, Asians and Europeans, and the historic civilizations of  Central and South America. Woke doesn't want to teach Americans that after the Civil War, many of the freed slaves went back to Africa and established Liberia, where they subjugated the indigenous Black population.  Woke doesn't want to teach our children that this is all part of man's inhumanity to man, something that has existed throughout history and still exists in some countries.  Woke doesn't want to teach Americans that great progress has been made.  Woke wants to promote racist distinctions, animus, and segregation.

Woke wants to tell Black people that their problems would be solved if only White people would cease being racists.  Woke doesn't want to tell Black people they have to be a big part of the solution.  Woke wants to destroy meritocracy.  A society that does not reward people for their contributions to society is doomed to fail, as every Marxist society has failed.  (That's not to suggest that we do not have to address the obscene rewards to many people who do not contribute to society and to many who actually harm society.)

Woke is racist.  Woke wants people who never engaged in slavery or Jim Crow to bear the guilt of people who did simply because they are White.  Woke wants all of us to think this is an evil country because of what some Americans did.  It wants White children to view themselves as members of the oppressor class and Black children to view themselves as members of the victim class.  That will only produce very bad, very hateful outcomes.

There's no question that African-Americans were really hurt by slavery and Jim Crow.  They were also badly hurt by government policies, some well-meaning and some ill-intentioned, that followed Jim Crow.  And there is no doubt that this affected the Black inner-city families and created a culture of poverty and violent crime.  But this can't be addressed simply by pretending it's due to current racism as Woke does.

We need to help people who are struggling whether they are Black or White, not because we are guilty, but for their sake and ours.  The more people contributing to society and reaping the rewards for their contributions, the better off the entire society.  The more people pulling in the wrong direction, the worse off society.  And the real solution to the problem of the poor, whether Black or White, is early education, good jobs, fathers in the home, and the elimination of street drugs.  Wokism won't solve any of these problems.  It is worse than a distraction.  Wokism is destroying our country.

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