The Biden blues

Not long ago, it seemed that all the experts, including some Republicans, were saying the Democrats just had too much demographics on their side.  What happened?  Now it seems that the demographics argument is not what they projected it to be.  I think my late father would say "¿qué pasó?" or the Cuban version of "what happened?"

Check this from Matthew Continetti, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute:

President Biden is running out of time. He has until November 8 to improve both his own political standing and public attitudes toward the Democratic Party. Otherwise, his tenuous congressional majorities — 222–212 in the House of Representatives and 50–50 in the Senate — will disappear. Every morning brings him another reminder of his dilemma. Every morning brings him one step closer to what’s shaping up to be the biggest political shellacking in more than a decade.

I don't know that it will be the biggest political shellacking or thumping or whatever else you want to call it.  Yes, presidents usually have a bad first midterm, but this one is more than just history repeating itself.

First, the Democrats are getting desperate.  What else do you call AOC in Texas trying to destroy two of their safest seats in Congress?

Second, nothing is working for President Biden.  Can you think of something that can be labeled an achievement?  Well, 56% had nothing positive to say!

Third, Democrats aren't impressed.  Half of them don't want Biden in 2024, according to a new CNN poll.  The pollster couldn't help himself and reminded us about Trump and the GOP.  What does that have to do with Biden today?  Nothing — but they can't even do a poll at CNN without mentioning Trump.

So here we are.  Yes, the first midterm is always rough — just check out what happened to Reagan in 1982.  Nevertheless, this election of 2022 seems different.  You get the feeling that voters have the biggest case of voter remorse since someone started measuring such a thing.

The Democrats had a plan: get rid of Trump and skate to victory.  Well, they got rid of Trump, for now, but they are falling on the ice faster than I did when I tried ice skating for the first time.

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Image: Gage Skidmore.

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