Ontario government tries to criminalize giving money to the striking truckers

The polite land of Canada is revealing itself in a way I never expected to see in my lifetime: the ordinary people, still polite, are willing to mount the biggest anti-COVID tyranny protest in the world while many of the politicians, including Justin Trudeau, are proving to be stone-cold totalitarians.  The latest effort to destroy the truckers comes from Ontario, where Doug Ford's government managed to get a court to rule that it's illegal to give millions in donations to the truckers' convoy.  This probably won't end well...for the government.

To catch you up on events, Trudeau has imposed some of the strictest COVID restrictions in the free world on Canada.  For two years, they've been quarantined, isolated, barred from worship, their businesses destroyed, and bullied into taking experimental vaccines of dubious efficacy but with known, and serious, side-effects.  And throughout those two years, as in America, the white-collar class that obsesses about diversity and transgenderism has spent the time comfortably at home, working away at their computers, while the working classes have pretty much seen their livelihoods and lives destroyed.

Amongst the hardest hit in Canada has been the truckers.  When COVID was still new and scary, they kept working, keeping Canadians supplied with both necessities and luxuries, all to seal-like claps of applause from the monied classes, including Trudeau himself.  Added to that fear was the fact that truck driving is an extremely hard job, one that is lonely, physically taxing, often dangerous, and poorly compensated.  But still, they did it.

However, when Trudeau announced that truckers would have to show their vaccine passports to return to their own country when carrying goods between the U.S. and Canada, that was the straw that broke the trucker camels' backs.  Although most are vaccinated, this final indignity was too much.  The truckers began their epic convoy, which captured the imagination of those in the world yearning to be free of despotic politicians and bureaucrats.

Image: Canadian truckers shut down the bridge.  YouTube screen grab.

Trudeau's first response (of course) was to run away.  That's what tyrants usually do, or try to do, when their people finally push back (e.g., Saddam Hussein, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Idi Amin, and Ashraf Ghani).  Then, without any proof, he painted the truckers as racist haters because that's always the left's fallback.  Since then, Trudeau has refused to speak to the truckers, preferring instead to keep calling them names.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Ottawa, police stole gas cans, so citizens brought more:

The Ottawa chief of police boasted that he was able to get GoFundMe to seize the funds that people around the world donated to the truckers:

That's when the truckers did what they should have done from the start, which was to set up a fund at GiveSendGo.  The fund now has $8.6 million (U.S.) for the truckers.  That sum is a nightmare for a government determined to destroy the protest.  Ontario's attorney general, therefore, found a compliant judge willing to say it was illegal to give money to the truckers (who have been completely peaceful, not violent, unless you consider bounce houses and horn-honking a threat to civil order):



Ezra Levant explains the implications of this order — including the fact that it was done in secret and almost certainly doesn't meet the legal standards.  Because his thread is so long, I've included it at the end of this post.

Unlike GoFundMe, which was dying to be intimidated so it would be spared the indignity of funding something liberty-oriented, GiveSendGo is standing firm:

This is the kind of thing that creates a huge opening for Bitcoin, a currency over which the Canadian government has no control.  I don't know if GiveSendGo and the truckers will go that route, but it's possible.

The biggest problem is the government's: arresting the truckers will not make the trucks go away.  You need truckers to do that.  Slashing the tires, as one CNN analyst suggested, won't make them go away, either, especially on the bridge separating Canada from Detroit.  Likewise, robbing truckers of gas won't make them go away.  I wouldn't be surprised if private citizens aren't spiriting cold truckers to their homes, just as good people have hidden warriors against tyranny since time immemorial.

Some of the provinces have figured out what will make the truckers go away: return stolen liberty to the Canadian people.  Trudeau is good at tyranny, bad at liberty, and totally lacking in wisdom.  It's to be hoped that his fellow party members, some of whom are peeling away, are able to get him to yield before things get ugly.

The last words go to Tucker Carlson, followed by the Ezra Levant thread:



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