Once again, a man beats women at a swim meet

Will Thomas, a fully intact man who was a lousy swimmer in the male rankings, has managed to become a first-place Ivy League swimmer by claiming he is a woman.  The NCAA, which could have stopped this travesty, has instead greenlighted Will's ascent in the ranks of female swimmers.

Undoubtedly, part of Will's ability to continue his pretense comes about because coaches at the Ivy League will take a victory any way they can, no matter how sleazy or misogynistic that way is.  Thus, Penn's swimming and diving team proudly announced that Thomas (who has christened himself "Lia") set a new record, something that looks good for Penn.  Just look at that big boy go in this video:

Interestingly, when Will was swimming opposite Iszac Henig, a Yale woman who sliced off her breasts (increasing her speed) and who claims not to have begun testosterone treatment (hard to believe when you look at her, but that's what she says), he started swimming slowly.  As I've written before, while I have no proof, I can't help but think Will and Iszac think it's to their advantage for the man to swim more slowly than this particular woman.  In that way, they can blunt accusations that, by claiming to be members of the opposite sex, they're cheating.

In a free country, if Will wants to grow his hair long, prance around in a dress, and pretend to be the second coming of Marilyn Monroe, that's his prerogative.  However, in a sane country, we let him do that only if he's not infringing on the rights of real women.  He doesn't get to flash his genitals in women's locker rooms, and he doesn't get to use his innate biological advantages to compete against them in sports.

Image: Will Thomas. Twitter screen grab.

The most disgusting thing about that video is how the announcer goes along with the charade that this hulking man is a woman named "Lia."  Even Blaze Media, a solidly conservative publication, refers to him as "Lia" and, seemingly deliberately, avoids any pronouns at all.

It would help if people would remember that Will can't possibly "feel" like a woman because he has no idea what a woman feels like.  The best he can do is look at women and wish he could wear their clothes.

I have a theory about the rise of the Kim Kardashian figure — that is, a female body with huge boobs and hips, and a comparatively narrow waist.  This type of body, which matches any Stone Age fertility goddess, is not the type of thing the Will Thomases of this world can fake.  It's doubtful that, even if Will got breast implants, several ribs removed, hip implants, and booty augmentation, he could ever acquire the hyper-feminine figure that Kim Kardashian has.  By creating a demand for the extreme feminine, men are protecting themselves from accidentally finding themselves in bed with a drag queen.

"Gender" is not something you get to pick and choose.  You are born male or female or, in very rare circumstances, intersex.  Some men are effeminate, and some women are very masculine.  But they are men or women.  And if we don't keep making that point very clear, we risk losing touch with the most fundamental reality about the binary nature of the human race: male and female.  Husband and wife.  Mothers and fathers.  That's reality.  Hang on to it.  Otherwise, we slide into the abyss. 

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