MUST-SEE VIDEO: SNL shows the Democrats are running from COVID

For more than two years, we've been told that The Science mandates that we wear masks, keep six feet away from other people, get multiple shots, muzzle our children, and "shut down" our economy, all in the name of "defeating" a virus.  These demands remained unchanged even as the actual science showed that the masks were useless, the distancing was meaningless, the shots were dangerous and barely effective, the children were developmentally damaged, and the poor economy was destroying lives.  Now, though, thanks to Democrats being destroyed in the polls, they're racing away from their prior mandates.  Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than a Saturday Night Live skit this past weekend.

What's been grabbing headlines is the fact that Joe Biden's numbers are dropping fast.  In the most recent ABC News/WaPo poll, only 37% of Americans approve of Biden, including this terrifying number: only 30% of independents approve of his job:

Bad as that is, we're still saddled with Biden for another three long, long years — unless you want Kamala instead.

However, the poll has even worse news for the Democrat party as a whole, something that will matter a great deal for the November midterms:

Republicans hold a massive seven-point advantage in the generic ballot, but when the poll is weighted for those who are more likely to vote this November, that lead stretches to an eye-watering 13 points. 

One should never underestimate Republicans' ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but we'd be stupid not to find those numbers heartening.

Democrats, however, are not heartened.  They are terrified.  Naturally, they won't abandon their green dreams and allow Biden to unleash our energy sector, weakening tyrants around the world and reducing inflation (a decision that should belong to Congress, not the executive office).  However, with their base getting restive about masks (and some of the more humane ones even being troubled by firing people for not getting vaccinated), Democrats have made a decision: they will abandon COVID now and hope that voters are in a "forgive and forget" mood come November.

Image: SNL: saying taboo things about COVID.  YouTube screen grab.

There are a lot of signs that The Science, as opposed to actual science, has changed.  Pelosi has just authorized the end of mandatory masking in Congress (although you can bet Biden will walk into Congress wearing a mask when he gives the State of the Union address).  Democrat states across America are dropping mask mandates for adults.  In a bow to the all-powerful teachers' unions, though, most states tried to force children to continue wearing masks, although children do not infect adults, are only mildly sick with COVID, and are suffering badly from masking (all things known since early 2020).  This has not been a successful policy.  On Sunday, New York governor Kathy Hochul finally dropped the mask mandate for kids, and New York City mayor Eric Adams dropped indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment. 

But nothing signals that the times are changing more than a Saturday Night Live skit in which three couples are gathered for a dinner party and some of them begin to question whether the mask and vaccine mandates were ever really effective.  The various actors (or should I say "overactors"?) react badly to even mouthing or hearing a hint about these ideas, but they're nevertheless forced to agree with the facts.

It's fairly crude, heavy-handed humor, but humor isn't the point.  The point is to give their leftist audience members permission to take off their masks, ease off of shots, and stop harassing those who have never bought into these cruel and ineffective measures:

It remains to be seen whether the public will forget by November what the Democrats have done to their mental and physical health, their comfort, their jobs, and their relationships over the past two years.  I'm never an optimist, so I'm going to assume that a large part of the public will forgive and forget, which would be a damn shame.  Democrats should be punished in the voting booth for the misery they've inflicted on America.

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