Kamala Harris train wreck continues, this time on Russia-Ukraine

Vice President Kamala Harris was in Germany this weekend attending a high-level meeting at the Munich Security Conference.  Her mission was to boost the transatlantic security alliance to strategically deter Russia from invading Ukraine.

Following her meetings, Harris held a presser.  The following is the gist of some of her key answers.

When asked if sanctions could have any leverage considering the claims (from her and Biden) that Putin had already made up his mind to invade Ukraine.  She replied that the sanctions were the "greatest sanctions, if not the strongest, that we've ever issued."  She added that the diplomatic path "is still opening, although — open, although it is absolutely narrowing — but within the context of a diplomatic path still being open, the deterrence effect, we believe, has merit."

When asked how a war in Europe would affect regular Americans, she replied that "America stands for her principles."  She added that "it requires sometimes for us to put ourselves out there in a way that maybe we will incur some cost."  She cited energy costs — perhaps she meant the price of fuel — but added that steps were being taken to mitigate what that cost might be if it happens.

For both of the above questions and all through the presser, Harris offered no details.  There were no insights into the strategy developed to prevent Putin from invading Ukraine.  Nobody was expecting a full revelation, but at least some key details.

Every answer was like a salad of words indifferently tossed together.  There were long pauses between words and slight stutters, which made it appear that she was ill prepared and hence was winging it.  Her usual staccato manner of speaking continued, making her sound like a speech-to-text mobile application.

Her body language lacked poise or confidence, which is often the product of being ill prepared.  She failed to project any determination or resoluteness which is key to communications in situations such as these.

To sum it up, she did an abominable job of representing the U.S., the Biden administration, and even herself.  It will undoubtedly cause leaders around the world to wonder, "Is this the best they've got?

Her only triumph is that she didn't burst into a fit of giggles at an inappropriate moment.

She will certainly not deter Putin.

The situation on the Ukraine-Russia border is critical.  If war were to break out, matters could rapidly spiral out of control because Russia is a nuclear-armed state.  At this juncture, every syllable uttered matters.  The least that is expected from someone in the position of Kamala Harris is to be prepared and use her words with unambiguous surgical precision.  A clear message needed to be sent and confidence had to be projected.

Her performance in Munich adds to her record of poor communications.  It has to be remembered that she struggled during interviews with friendly interviewers such as NBC's Lester Holt, Craig Melvin, and even Charlamagne tha God.  All these interviewers were liberal non-white people, so Kamala could not have branded them as racist Republicans who are out to get her.

This brings us back to the reason why Biden's handlers chose Kamala Harris as his running mate and handed her important assignments such as managing the border and alliance-building in Ukraine.

For this, we revisit Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 4.  Mel Brooks is depicted as bored with his hit Broadway musical The Producers.  He wants to move on to other things that will be more creatively satisfying, but the show's popularity won't allow him that luxury.  At this time he sees Larry David sing old tunes at a karaoke bar.

Brooks offers Larry one of the leads in The Producers, which a flattered David accepts.  At the end of the season, it is revealed that Brooks thought Larry was such a catastrophe at the karaoke that his performance would cause The Producers to flop badly and close down.  He could finally move on.  Larry was hence hired for his lack of talent, but almost nobody in the play knew of this.

The news media and experts saw Kamala as younger, energetic, and smarter than Biden, and hence an ideal replacement to become the first female non-white president.

But Biden's handlers saw Harris for what she really is: extraordinarily incompetent and unusually inarticulate,  and above all, extremely unwilling and probably incapable of learning on the job.

They knew that once Harris was exposed before the people, her ineptness on all fronts would become instantly obvious.  This means she presented no threat to Biden, whose incompetence is compounded by his rapidly declining cognitive abilities.

They were right.  Her approval ratings fell precipitously.  She blamed it all on her sex and race, obviously!

Any other individual in Kamala's place (such as Stacey Abrams, who was among the candidates short-listed) would have been making plans to unseat Biden using the 25th Amendment.  But Kamala can barely keep her head above the water, so the question of an aggressive move to the very top is out of the question.  The result is that she has made Biden look unchallengeable.  This was an astute but cynical political move by Biden's handlers.

It seems obvious that the Washington Democrat Establishment had no intention to resolve the border crises in the U.S. or in Ukraine.  In the U.S., they want an influx of illegal aliens to alter the demographic map that will enable a permanent majority in government.  On the Ukraine front, they want war, perhaps due to their allies in the military-industrial complex.

So whom do they turn to for lots of activity but no actual achievement?

The one and only Kamala Harris.  

She hasn't disappointed them.  They say the role of a vice president is to make the president look good.  Kamala has unknowingly been stellar on that front; her incompetence has made Biden appear unimpeachable.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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