Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for

The Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine has finally happened, and now the Trump-haters who tried to impeach President Trump over Ukraine have much to answer for.

Looking at you, Alexander Vindman.  Looking at you, Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa.  Looking at you, Fiona Hill.

These are all the crummy little supposedly pro-Ukraine operatives who did their damnedest to undermine President Trump during his administration.

After all, the Russia invasion didn't happen on Trump's watch as they plotted and schemed against him instead of doing their jobs.  Vladimir Putin was actually pretty docile during those years, despite taking heavy rounds of sanctions signed off on by Trump.

It happened after the man they worked so hard to get into the presidency cheated his way into power. 

Trump terrified Putin with his bold actions, unpredictability, and willingness to take risks.  He took out terrorist chieftains such as Iran's Qassem Soleimani.  He knocked the legs out from under Putin, who gets his money from oil exports, by making America energy independent.  Putin is no fool and understood well that it's always a bad idea to mess with people with those kinds of cojones, so he didn't. 

Biden by contrast has projected an image of feebleness and inattention — long-fartingsleepinggetting lost, and soiling himself across Europe.  His positions shift.  He goes on vacation.  He shows his military chops by his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.  He sends vapid Kamala Harris to speak for him in appeasement-symbolic Munich.  The message sent by Biden is that America is the "has been" superpower.  It was great in its heyday, but...

We hope these jackasses are happy.

They got what they wanted.  They got Joe.

And now the results speak for themselves. 

This obviously, has prompted all kinds of scrambling self-justifications from this Ukraine cabal that elected Ukraine-corrupted Joe.

Vindman, the de facto whistleblower who altered classified documents, decided his own foreign policy calls were more important than the elected president's and used a CIA cut out to try to nail Trump through impeachment, is out there spouting blame to Republicans instead of himself.

Screenshot from MSNBC via shareable

"Republicans have blood on their hands," he claimed, forgetting who is president now.

Guilty conscience there, Pillsbury doughboy?  Ukraine was your baby, Trump was your bad guy you claimed you were protecting it from, and now look what happened to it.

The Chalupa gals, another pair of Ukraine-descended bounders who did a helluva job for their former country, one a manipulative Democrat operative who reportedly was the propagator of the invented Steele dossier's pervy parts and the other an activist, are out blaming Trump and everyone but themselves on Twitter.  Here's the worse of the two, Alexandra: 

What does any of this have to do with Trump?  Trump scared the hell out of Putin.  Biden is a puddle of weakness.  How Trump's election in 2016, which came through the will of the American voters (and not Putin), has anything to do with Putin's invasion of Ukraine today is never specified.  Joe's the one who was making money through skeevy deals with Ukraine, not Trump.  Trump's the one who tried to shut it down, something he got impeached for.  Joe somehow has nothing to do with this?  Chalupa lives on another planet.  Oh, and the Ukraine she claims to support as a Ukrainian-American, is now dissolving away at the hands of Putin now that Joe is in power.  Hope she's proud of herself.

Andrea, too, is tweeting nonsense:

Oh, so the Nordstream 2 pipeline is a problem now?  Would that be the same Nordstream 2 pipeline President Trump sought to block and Joe Biden gave the green light to?

But somehow, Trump is the bad guy.  Note her gibberish about Paul Manafort and Brexit.  No mention of Hunter Biden, of course.  That's just Russian disinformation, right?

And while she's got lots of calls for sanctions in her other tweets, she doesn't mention that the U.S. has grown oil-dependent on Russia in the Biden era, in sharp contrast to Trump making America energy independent.  Back in 2017, when Trump was in the saddle, the U.S. imported around 300,000 BPD of oil from Russia.  In February 2019 alone, when the U.S. became energy independent, that figure slipped as low as 6,336 thousand barrels.  In November 2021, the figure is nearly three times that at 17,855 thousand barrels.  Today, the broad annual figure is 595,000 BPD, nearly twice what it was during the Trump era, so it's not just Germany that's over a barrel on the energy front to Russia, rendering sanctions useless — the U.S. gets to pay as much as $20 more for a barrel of oil on this foreign policy screw-up, and those soaring oil prices will make Putin much, much richer.  

Leftists never think these things through.

Let's not forget Fiona Hill, the Russia foreign policy expert who ran the Vindman operation at the Trump NSC and testified in Trump's impeachment trial as a supposedly impartial observer.  She too was involved in the Steele dossier scandal and may have been tight with Joe Biden even earlier.  She's the one who cited Joe Biden (who apparently doesn't read) in the book blurb to her 2013 masterwork on Putin, called "Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin," which she co-wrote with Democrat operative Clifford G. Gaddy.

She's delivering flaccid, keister-covering stuff to the nets like this:

Really?  Energy independence that keeps us out of Putin's clutches is not putting America first?  What kind of analyst was she, and why did she ever wind up in the Trump White House for a spell?  She can't analyze to save Ukraine's life, and well, now with her book-buddy Joe Biden in the saddle, Ukraine is getting sliced like salami.  She ought to have seen that coming, but she didn't.  She was blinded by her loathing for Trump and used her job as the catbird seat from which to undermine him, not do her job in analyzing how various factors would influence how Putin would act.  Reportedly, she still advises senile old Joe, and, well, the results speak for themselves.

This is wretched stuff.  The Ukraine cabal has a lot to answer for and not just in the bad results seen in Ukraine, but also in the declining public sentiment toward Ukraine.  If this is what Ukraine and its auxiliaries are producing, why should anyone care what happens to Ukraine?  Worse still, the results will be felt in America as oil prices rise, the risk of a dramatic cyber-attack or attack on our power grid rises exponentially, and Putin skews toward China instead of the West.  That's "I did that" from Joe Biden, and these clowns made it possible.

Image: Screen shot from MSNBC video via shareable

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