Just how frail is Joe Biden?

I must admit that I was very wrong about Biden. I thought he'd be out of office by June 2021 at the latest.  Instead, technically speaking, he's still in office.  But looking at a recent, very disturbing little video of Joe Biden being gently led away from the podium by his caretaker/wife, Mrs. Joe Biden, one has to wonder what kind of an empty shell of a man is helming what long was the most powerful nation in the world.

Biden was pulled together enough to read a teleprompter speech in which he once again invoked the usefully dead Beau Biden to declare a new war on cancer.  (While I think it's a real tragedy that Beau, a father, died young from cancer, I've said for a while that, given how much Joe uses Beau for political effect and to shield himself from criticism, if Beau hadn't died, Biden would have had to kill him.)

Once again, Biden did that weird whispering thing into the microphone.  I don't know what he thinks he's doing, but it's creepy:

Creepy does not mean Biden is too decrepit to handle the demands of his office.  However, there are signs that the Democrats are conning the American people into thinking there's a sentient being in the Oval Office.

Before I play the next clip, I fully understand that being physically infirm does not mean that Biden is mentally incapable of handling the demands of his office.  However, when you look at how far Biden has declined physically since taking office (and he wasn't in such great shape back then), and when you consider that his cognitive abilities have been kind of shabby, too, the following clip is disturbing:

Jill functions not as a wife, but as a nursemaid.

J.R. Dunn wrote yesterday about Nancy Pelosi's plans for a severely curtailed State of the Union address.  His assumption is the same as mine: that the Democrats are not only terrified that the thrice-vaccinated Biden will get sick (making it even harder to sell the vaccine to reluctant Americans), but they also don't want him in a crowded, busy room considering his diminishing mental state.

One of the recent little political kerfuffles about Biden was that, despite his having spent an inordinate number of weekends at one of his Delaware homes, the White House is refusing to release the visitors' logs for those weekends.  One theory is that the visitors are nefarious people visiting to make sure that Biden, having been bought via the intermediary of his son Hunter, stays bought.

However, I have another theory.  It exists in the same universe as the theory saying Biden spends so much time in Delaware because people in early-stage dementia do best when they're in a familiar environment.  Building on that, I have a suspicion that the visitors' logs would reveal that physicians who specialize in geriatric care and dementia are making regular journeys to Delaware to pump Biden full of drugs that maintain his mental state.

Biden was always a stupid man.  Biden was always an egotistical man.  Biden was always a man who liked to play tough (witness the Corn Pop narrative, his claims that he would once have beaten Trump up, etc.).  And Biden was always a man who was consistently wrong about foreign policy.  Now, on top of all that, Biden is a man in steep mental and physical decline.

I was wrong that Biden would be out of office by June 2021.  Had that happened, Kamala Harris would have been an appalling president.  Still, I have to believe that it's even worse to have in office a man with Biden's geriatric and congenital mental infirmities.  Our growing list of enemies is taking note.

Image: Biden and Jill.  Twitter screen grab.

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