Here come the truckers

Like Whoopi down here, PM Justin Trudeau in Canada is getting a good lesson on watching your mouth.    Like a good liberal, Trudeau went woke and played the Canadian version of "the deplorable" card.  This is what he said:   

“There is no place in our country for threats, violence or hatred,” he said, adding that the convoy was not representative of a majority of truckers, 90 percent of whom are vaccinated."

Unfortunately, Trudeau's words backfired.   It just motivated more truckers to drive to Ottawa and show their displeasure with being called pro-Nazi, racists, or followers of the Confederacy.  As my Canadian friend said, he did not know that Confederate flags were flown up north.  He reminded me that the protest was about lookdowns and restrictions, not some revival of the Canadian Jefferson Davis Club.   I guess that liberals just can't help themselves!

What happens when our truckers go to Washington?   According to Liz Peek, this is coming:  

As hard as it is to imagine, President Biden’s political fortunes are about to get worse. 

The massive trucker convoy that crossed Canada to protest against that country’s new vaccine mandates will almost certainly be replicated in the U.S. and will bring with it huge headaches for the Biden White House.

Biden pretends to be the champion of the “little guy”; he claims to support blue-collar workers. Truckers are exactly the kind of folks Biden is meant to embrace, but he will not do that.

The drivers protesting the vaccine mandates have already been portrayed by the liberal media as right-wing zealots and science deniers, which is only one notch above climate deniers. A Facebook group organizing the U.S. convoy that had amassed 130,000 members has been tossed off the social media platform amid allegations that the movement was being promoted by right-wing extremists, which the organizers deny.

It's always those terrible racist, anti-science plus climate deniers deplorables, isn't it?   

The problem for Biden is that the public is tired of mandates and lockdowns.  Furthermore, we just learned from a Johns Hopkins study that COVID lockdowns had ‘little to no effect’ on mortality rates.

So what's he going to tell the truckers?   Let's hope that he respects their concerns rather than bring out the talking points about George Wallace and Jim Crow.

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