GoFundMe's defunding the truckers speaks to a larger societal problem

I hope many of you recall that, during the McCabe/Comey/Strzok criminality Russia hoax phase, we all thought, "Oh, it's just a few bad actors at the FBI."  But then along came the predawn FBI SWAT team raid on elderly Roger Stone, and we started to wonder.  Well, GoFundMe's recent actions against the Canadian truckers carry the same ominous message as that SWAT raid.

What happened at GoFundMe was not just the directive of a woke CEO.  Wokism (or, if you prefer its other names, Cultural Marxism, leftism, or communism) isn't just a few bad apples in our country.  Instead, this massive corporation's attack on a peaceful liberty-oriented protest reflects the hostility the most educated and affluent have to Western society.  Sadly, and frighteningly, it's a very serious number of Americans who would "transform" our United States into a dysfunctional, impoverished left-wing Marxist police state hellhole.

Are you aware that, during the American Revolution, only a minority of the colonists threw in with Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and the other Founders?  It's estimated that 35% in the colonies were with the Americans, 35% with the British, and 30% on the fence.

That breakdown sounds eerily like our country today.  In fact, judging by the results of the 2016 election, those ratios might be pretty much dead on, but with the force multiplier effect that the left enjoys (and uses adroitly) by controlling the mainstream media.  (This makes it worth remembering that those were much the same as when Hitler achieved control in Germany.)

But even though a statistical minority supports our country's transformation (that is, destruction), it's still a large number — and certainly large enough to effect vast change, whether for liberty, as in the 18th century, or for tyranny, as has been the case recently.  And so, one must wonder where these people come from.  I get that if you are destitute and missed out on the oversized portfolio returns that IRAs and 401(k)s enjoyed over the past 30 years, you might not be rejoicing in America as we know it.

Image: Family by freepik.

That might explain the inner-city sign-on to the Obama-Biden-Sanders-AOC brigade.  But what puts the lie to that (traditionally Marxist) class explanation about politics is the rural poor of West Virginia.  Many of those folks missed out on America's riches, yet it is they who are putting the steel in Joe Manchin's spine.

In the 1970s and 1980s, a curious Marxist phenomenon emerged in Italy.  Do you recall the Red Brigades?  They engaged in kidnapping and murder — typically of business and corporate luminaries — for money and Marxist ideology.  What was curious was how many of the perpetrators were from very wealthy families — i.e., individuals who grew up to hate not just their culture, but their very families.

How does that happen?  Think: universities!  But larger.  What happened in Germany and in Italy is what happens when the education system makes a left turn.

In the U.S., we're looking at the entire education industry, from preschool to Summa Cum Laude — seasoned with a continuous reinforcement of Marxist themes from the media and entertainment.  Things like this are what it takes, and they're starting them young:

Justin Trudeau is the poster child of what this education system creates.

We need to take much greater care raising our children.  The day is gone when we, parents, can just be about "providing" for them. 

We must actively and diligently immerse ourselves into our kids' world.  We need to educate them ourselves with our themes.  We need to teach them real American history, including why America is exceptional.  We need to raise them almost as if we were Amish and trying to preserve a way of life amid a hostile, pernicious, and overwhelming social environment (oh, and do not give a dime to any alma mater).

I would point to any Trump rally and to a very long truckers' convoy as proof that it is not too late or in vain.  Otherwise, just start teaching your kids Mandarin.  Why wait?

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