Biden's administration wants to make life easier for minority crack addicts

In times past, the American government stood with productive people and pushed back against the forces of corruption and decay.  In Biden's America, though, the opposite is true.  Big cities are becoming concierge services for hard drug addicts, and Biden's administration is joining in, with a multi-million-dollar plan to provide crack pipes for addicts.  And here's the kicker: in the name of equity, the administration will make a special effort to bring these instruments of destruction to Blacks and members of the LGBTQ+ crowd.

There's a growing trend on the left to facilitate drug addiction.  Just recently, under ex–Mayor de Blasio's aegis, New York opened legal shooting galleries — or, as they're politely called, "Overdose Prevention Centers."  On the very first day, five people overdosed in the Harlem site — although they were brought back to life.

The theory is that, if the drug addicts have a nice, safe place to shoot up, fewer will die.  This is the same belief system that sees parents offer their kids pot and alcohol at home so that they're not on the mean streets doing drugs.  Either way, with a green light from those who would ordinarily try to protect them from vice, the kids end up seriously addicted and heading downhill fast.  (Just ask Robert Downey, Jr., who ended up in federal prison after his dad got him started on drugs, or ask Mackenzie Phillips, whose father did the same for her.)

Just recently, the Daily Mail published a lengthy photo essay about what's been happening in San Francisco now that the city has opened its "linkage center," which is ostensibly intended to connect addicts with rehab facilities.  The center is at U.N. Plaza, which is right off the Civic Center.  It was never a very nice neighborhood because it's on the edge of the Tenderloin, but it's turned into a vast, open-air drug consumption and sales site.  You must check out the Daily Mail photos, which show a Dante-esque hellscape a couple of blocks away from City Hall. There is no evidence that people who are having their drug use made easier have any incentive to seek rehab.

Michael Shellenberger first broke the story:

Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a sweeping plan to crack down on open-air drug dealing. Shortly after she announced that she would open a "Linkage Center" to connect homeless addicts to rehab.

But now, two investigative reporters, Jenny Shao and another reporter who prefers to remain anonymous, witnessed and video-recorded drug dealing, in addition to drug use, at the Linkage Center. And they caught on video at least three official Linkage Center contractors overseeing drug use at the site.

In other words, San Francisco is now the concierge for drug users.  It provides drug addicts with laundry, food, water, showers, illegal drugs, and fentanyl.  And of course, "if you build it, they will come," so the area is becoming a junkie Mecca.  There's no word yet about the recently immigrated Asian families trying to protect their children (although I'm betting children who grow up around this disgusting sight will never touch drugs; I was certainly put off by the Haight Ashbury when I was a child).

Image: London Breed, San Francisco mayor and drug pusher.  From Reality Bites by Broc Smith.

When you're a left-wing ideologue, nothing inspires like failure.  That's why the Biden administration is getting in on the act.  It's set up a $30-million grant program that is meant to make life safer for drug addicts.  According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Included in the grant, which is overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, are funds for "smoking kits/supplies." A spokesman for the agency told the Washington Free Beacon that these kits will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and "any illicit substance."

The rationale is the same as for clean needle programs: dirty pipes transfer infections from one junkie to another.  Don't stop the drug use; just stop the germs.

But if you want real irony, it's the fact that the Biden problem is specifically targeting Blacks and people under the LGBTQ+ flag.  Again, from the Free Beacon.

Applicants for the grants are prioritized if they treat a majority of "underserved communities," including African Americans and "LGBTQ+ persons," as established under President Joe Biden's executive order on "advancing racial equity."

Think about that for a minute: the experiments in New York and San Francisco show that these programs incentivize drug use and destroy neighborhoods.  This means that Biden is deliberately targeting Blacks, gays, and transgenders to incentivize their drug use and destroy their neighborhoods.

By the way, I'm not making light of drug addiction.  It's a scourge and needs to be addressed.  I'm not conversant with what the best anti-drug programs are, but I'm betting that the government fulfilling all your basic needs so that you can overdose and get Narcaned repeatedly is not the answer.

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