Are Republicans engaged in premature cackling?

It is mid-February 2022, and we conservatives are watching Joe Biden blunder and gaffe his way into infamy.  Biden's poll numbers are in the toilet.  Democrat members of Congress are announcing their plans to retire in alarming numbers.  Vultures are circling over DNC headquarters in Washington.

Hannity, Bannon, and Bongino sound giddy as they predict a tsunami election in 2022, ushering in a new era of Republican power in D.C.  I find this bravado a bit unnerving.  I recall reading that Abraham Lincoln once said, "The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation because she never cackles until the egg is laid."

To paraphrase House speaker Pelosi, Democrats and their minions are going to do what Democrats and their minions are going to do.  After the last four years, they have demonstrated they will do anything and everything to keep their power.

What worries me is our side of the political street.  The trauma of the 2020 election is still on everyone's mind.  And while party discipline among the Democrats is still holding, McConnell and Trump can't stop lobbing bombs at each other.

If he chooses to run again, Trump will be more vulnerable in 2024 than he was in 2016 as he and the others go through the primary process.  Trump has a record of accomplishments to run on, but he also made mistakes in his first term that make him a target-rich candidate.  Candidate Trump caught his Republican opponents off guard in 2016, but they will be ready if he chooses to run in 2024.

Image: Hen gloating over her egg by brgfx.  Freepik license.

I can't name one position that the Democrats support that I support.  I must grudgingly admit, though, that they maintain party discipline.  Conservatives are not as good at unity.  While Biden's blundering administration is the gift that keeps giving, the fractiousness of our side will not look good in the spotlight of 2022 or 2024.

Things can change quickly in politics.  All during the summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln expected to be defeated in the upcoming presidential election.  When General Sherman and his army finally drove General Hood and his rebels from Atlanta in early September, however, the Union and Lincoln started to look like winners.

I loathe Democrat policies, but they are not stupid.  Republicans ought to be thinking about how to unify instead of exulting in victories not yet won.

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