How to destroy the New World Order leaders' power over you

Do you recall how great India was at managing the flu using ivermectin?  How about how well things were going in South Africa because they were already on anti-parasite medicines as a preventative protocol for other illnesses?  And, right now, we can't help but cheer for the Canadian truckers' protest in their capital, which is attracting worldwide support.

How is it, then, that these great things that show the power of the people and the benefits of liberty always suddenly turn in favor of the New World Order (NWO) leaders?

The NWO leaders' India problem: Lots of people were noticing how well thirty percent of the world, including India, was crushing the flu with ivermectin.

The solution: Roll out the India/delta variant that seemed to arrive everywhere simultaneously to try again to destroy ivermectin as an answer.

The NWO leaders' Africa problem: Many people were starting to realize how the continent of Africa was not suffering as much from the CCP's flu because of anti-parasite medicines.

The solution: Omicron, the flu that shreds the vaccine and all boosters beyond, is introduced to squelch the positives coming out of Africa.

The NWO leaders' Canada problem: Truckers are fed up with Trudeau's Chinese Communist Party submission tactics, so they go into Canada's national capital and honk, and a bridge to the U.S. gets blocked.

The solution: States and nations all over the world suddenly decide all together, all at once, and at the same time, even, to roll back flu mask and passport rules.  Well, everywhere except Ontario, eh?

In each case, it seems as if the common people and common sense won.  However, what we must realize is that none of this virus fraud is over.  The NWO leaders are only rolling things back, just as the CCP-fueled Walmart price reductions get you to calm down so you think you no longer need to start or join a protest.  In fact, you need to start one or join one now to keep freedom moving forward.

So how do these NWO leaders know when they're at the cusp of pushing you too far?  How do they know exactly when to back off a little to depressurize the situation so they can continue on their path, in a few days or a couple of weeks, and never actually be stopped?

It's really quite simple how they do it.  That thing you're using right now to read this...well, the NWO leaders' Big Tech underlings gauge the top items of concern within all sorts of different groups, and as soon as what you say, type, text, private message, email, read, watch, or otherwise click reaches a certain anger level, they relay the info to the freedom-takers and slave-makers.

Image: Turn off the devices

That's when an intermediate plan is put into effect, whether it's introducing a new name for the flu so it appears that ivermectin and preventative parasite medicines don't work or, with the current trucker protests, they make it appear that they are easing flu mandates.  This is done just until you've calmed down enough for them to start their next step in your descent into slavery hell.

How does one stop Big Government from using our raw thoughts to continue down their path of ultimate control over us?  Maybe if you remove their ability to gather data on your clicks and communications, they would no longer know what you're thinking and would, therefore, lose their ability to know when to calm you down to the point where you're again likely to swallow your own path to enslavement.

A few ideas on how to remove your clicks and communications from plain sight:

  1. Use known, trusted, and unbroken privacy software on your computer.
  2. Use a freedom phone that doesn't allow anyone to see your clicks and communications.
  3. Stop using the internet to communicate or comment on any emotions or beliefs.
  4. Stop using cell phones to communicate or comment on any emotions or beliefs.
  5. Stop using smart devices in your home, car, and office.  They all hear you.
  6. Say the opposite of what you believe five times more than what you really believe, or hope and pray.  Fund someone smarter than I am to set up untraceable, unidentifiable bots that say the opposite of our thoughts and emotions, including in texts, phone calls, email, P.M.s, etc.
  7. If you create something, don't ever share the technology with the government.  Just don't sell out!
  8. Destroy the mainstream media's ability to defecate on your brain by removing their feeds.
  9. Find a better way of "interneting" so we're not endlessly recycling ideas such as war and other things the NWO leaders want us repeating, which effectively turns their imaginations into our realities.
  10. Insert your own ideas here for freeing yourself from the NWO leaders.
  11. Act on these ideas every second of every day, and reclaim control to the future of your freedom.
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