An optimistic look at 2022

It seems that lockdowns and mandates for vaccines and masks are on the way out, and we will learn to live with the risks of COVID as just another slightly more deadly disease than the flu.  Big Pharma will no longer make unreasonable profits with its vaccines as they prove ineffective in the long run and there are alternative treatments for COVID at much less cost.  We will all be able to return to a normal life.

The Supreme Court will not be packed with three members instead of the nine currently favoring a conservative interpretation of the Constitution.  Biden will have to settle for the moderate court as it now exists.

The filibuster, Build Back Better, and liberal voting rights legislation will not be passed, largely thanks to Joe Manchin's and Kyrsten Sinema's opposition and the upcoming midterm election this year, assuring that controversial legislation has little chance of passing.

Prospects for Republicans taking over the House of Representatives in the next election are looking good as high inflation, high gas prices, high goods and services prices, and Biden's plummeting approval polls due to his incompetent leadership.  It is too early to predict Senate results, but Democrat prospects don't look very good.

The current leader of ISIS has been killed in Syria with Special Forces' help.  ISIS may regroup in Afghanistan, but that will take time, allowing the U.S. to take preventive action.

Putin will probably not invade Ukraine because he doesn't want to unify NATO further and cause economic harm to himself and the Russian people.  Biden sending some troops to Eastern Europe and arms to Ukraine will also make Putin more wary of an invasion.

Xi Jinping is having severe economic problems due to corrupt mismanagement, many foreign large and small corporations leaving China, and many foreign investors taking their money out of Chinese stocks.  The CCP's stealing of intellectual property, spying, threatening of Taiwan with military flights, and fishing in the coastal waters of foreign nations have made it an enemy of many nations around the world.

The left-leaning establishment media are suffering from rapidly decreasing readership and views since their reputation has been tarnished with tabloid-like dishonest reporting and alignment with leftist politically correct ideological censoring.  CNN, the worst offender, is on the verge of bankruptcy.  Mainstream media are dying largely because they are not addressing the concerns of the average American.  A decrease in left-wing ideology and wokeness is foreseeable since their propaganda will no longer have a great impact on an uninterested public.

Many people and companies are leaving high-tax, high-crime blue states for better states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

Alt tech and podcasts are flourishing with conservatives who elude censorship by Big Tech along with stupid woke views.

BLM has stopped online soliciting thanks to the corrupt financial mismanagement by its leaders.  California threatens to hold BLM's leaders personally liable over missing financial records.

Support for police is increasing as crazy actions like "defund the police" and letting criminals free with lenient laws and minimal prosecution are proving not to be the way to reduce crime.

Truthful investigative reporting is finally coming out on the corrupt relationship between some powerful elites and China.  Peter Schweizer's book Red-Handed has hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.  It covers how America's elites get rich by helping China and the shockingly large number of elites who feel that the Chinese system of government is superior to our democracy.  A must-read for everyone, especially patriots.

So in conclusion, 2022 feels as though it will be an optimistic year, with a healthy dose of good news, even though most of us will be struggling financially.

Image: Pixabay.

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