An outspoken MAGA-supporter gets the boot at the California Federation of Republican Women

Republicans are not immune to cancel culture.  The California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) has just expelled one of its members for writing a newsletter that calls out RINOs, NeverTrumps, and the fact that the Republican Party refuses to speak out against transgender madness.  Since these ideas are at odds with the CFRW's efforts to paint Republicans as one big happy family, they felt that Robin Itzler no longer fit in with the organization.

The National Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1938 and is "the largest grassroots Republican women's organization in the country."  In the same year, California became one of the charter members of the statewide federations that formed under the national umbrella.

When I still lived in California, I belonged to my local chapter of the CFRW.  Except for summer vacation and Christmas vacation, when too many women were traveling with their families, my chapter met on a monthly basis.

We'd always have interesting speakers and learn about local candidates and issues.  Most importantly for those women (and their husbands, who could join as affiliates), it was a chance in an overwhelmingly leftist community to meet with committed, interesting people who shared our political and social values.

However, all is not well in the world of the CFRW.  An organization that once had over 11,000 members has been hemorrhaging badly in just the last few months.

In December 2021, the CFRW lost about 2,000 members when two Southern California clubs voted to become independent.  Both the newly named East Valley Republican Women Patriots and the San Clemente Area Republican Women felt they'd have more strength and reach without being limited by the CFRW's rules.

Most organizations, when they lose almost 20% of their membership, start casting around for ways to retain people, but, apparently, that's not the CFRW's way.  Instead, I've learned that the CFRW just canceled my friend Robin Itzler, a frequent American Thinker contributor.  In addition to the essays she writes for us, in late 2020, she started Patriot Neighbors, a free weekly email newsletter she sends to a growing list of supporters inside and outside of California.  In addition to articles, she provides helpful information for contacting Republican politicians or corporate CEOs.

Image: Leaving the old organization behind by stories.  Freepik license.

In her newsletter, Robin is contemptuous of RINOs and NeverTrumps.  She's also been open about her disgust with the Republican Party's silence about — and, therefore, complicity with — so-called "transgender women" (i.e., men) who are brutally intruding in women's unique spheres.  By doing this — under her own name, not as a CFRW member — Robin violated CFRW's newly amended, very broad bylaws, which prohibit all CFRW members (not just board members) from failing to support official Republican nominees, working against CFRW's policies, or disparaging any Republican in public.

Robin forwarded to me several of the emails people sent to CFRW president Janet Price after Robin's expulsion became known.  I won't reprint them, here but I can say many people are disturbed by the CFRW's seeming embrace of cancel culture against those who take a more MAGA view of conservatism and how the Republican Party should position itself to win elections and help Americans.  If Robin goes, they say, they go, too.

The Conservative Patriots of Orange County, which is also a CFRW breakaway, has already invited Robin to join.  Therefore, you could say that, with Robin in a better new club, all's well that ends well.  People shouldn't have to associate with those whom they dislike, and the CFRW made it clear it dislikes Robin.

The reason Robin's story matters, though, is that it's a microcosm of a phenomenon we're seeing on the right from local organizations all the way up to Congress: the old-line Republicans talk a lot about conservatism but always seem to yield gracefully to the Democrats on everything.  (Just think: Lindsey Graham or Liz Cheney.)  When MAGA types come along, they silence them, freeze them out, or even attack them.

The old-line Republican plan is a smart idea if your goal is obsolescence.  People like Robin who are locked out of the traditional conservative institutions to which they gave so much time are going to use their energy and talents for new clubs and endeavors.  In Robin's case, she'll have more time for her Patriot Neighbors newsletter, which is growing and making a difference.

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