Why early COVID treatment matters

A recently widowed neighbor's middle-aged son (I will call him Stan) passed away Sunday evening, allegedly due to COVID.  (I know he was on a ventilator due to complications from COVID.) 

Stan died in a small hospital serving very rural Southampton County in south-central Virginia.  About two years prior to the start of the pandemic, Stan's father died due to complications from his severe diabetes.  He was in his mid-seventies.  His last treatment included the amputation of both feet, and the same infection was soon attacking his legs.  He passed before that surgery option materialized.  It was a painfully slow and tragic process.

I suspect that Stan, like most others who have died from COVID, was not offered any of the early outpatient treatment protocols described, for example, here.  Could one of these early treatments have stopped the progression of Stan's disease before it reached the stage requiring hospitalization?  Possibly, but we will never know now. 

To me, Stan's untimely death is just one more example of criminal negligence on the part of our national medical establishment.  With their politicized blinders on, the less than perfect vax will remain the only allowable solution.  Never mind the collateral damage from perhaps hundreds of thousands of easily preventable hospitalizations or deaths during the past two years.  

In comparison to the restrictions in America and most Western countries, relatively poor India has had an effective early outpatient treatment protocol available from day one and, as a result, has apparently tamed COVID.  Initially, their early treatment protocol included hydroxychloroquine, but when the new delta variant caused a surge in hospitalizations and deaths, they quickly authorized a new equally inexpensive outpatient COVID kit that included more powerful ivermectin.  Their therapeutics also had virtually no harmful side effects, unlike those caused by the vaccines (which by the way are never mentioned in the public service announcements encouraging folks to get the jab, unlike the requirement for other pharmaceutical ads). 

It was difficult to find the actual drugs and official dose levels in India's COVID kit, but this information was located in The Desert Review.

If interested in the long-term death trends, you can follow India and three more countries during 2021 and 2022 to date here.  (It will continue to update daily.)  Notice that Sweden's low death trend is rising again.  Sweden is noted for avoiding most of the mask and severe lockdowns, and the Swedes were early to achieve natural (herd) immunity, by the end of June 2021.  However, Sweden belatedly jumped on the vax bandwagon for unknown reasons, and its rate as of Jan. 5 was 72.9% fully vaccinated.  This rate easily surpassed the U.S., the U.K., and India.   

With its recent (although slight) increase in deaths, I am starting to wonder if Sweden's high vax rate could be the undoing of its previous success in taming COVID.  Time will tell.  That leaves India as the only country in this sample group consistently maintaining near-zero daily deaths.  For India, the early treatment protocols have been a remarkable success despite the country's minimal vaccination rate.  Shouldn't we be paying attention to India's success?

Image: qimono via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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