Two women show how completely insane COVID mania has driven people

One of the points I've been making over the years of political writing is that leftism has driven young white women crazy.  They are imbued with self-loathing because they're White but nevertheless feel a deep sense of victimhood because they're female.  A recent video, however, indicates that it's not just young women whom leftism has driven insane.  The video seems to show two older women, upon finding an unmasked young Black man on an elevator, wildly attacking him as they try desperately to get him and his unmasked self off the elevator.

It's a little hard to figure out what's going on in this 30-second video, but, after suffering through it a couple of times, I think I've got the idea.

A Black man was on an elevator.  Then, two middle-aged White women got on and completely freaked out.  The best guess for their freak-out is that he wasn't wearing a mask (which is indicated by the clarity with which he speaks, unmuffled by a face diaper).

At some point in their freak-out, the man began filming the women as they tried to film him.  Despite apparently being terrified by his germs, the women swarmed the man, at which point he put his hands up defensively to protect himself against them.  One of the women then hit him, and, when he called her on it, she began chanting, "Black lives matter," while her companion continued to insist that he leave the elevator.  Here — see for yourself:

What is there even left to say about these women?  Like sponges, or the drain below a filthy sink, over the past two years, they've absorbed every bit of madness leftists have pumped into the American environment.  COVID fear, mask mania, racial obsessions,'s all there, compressed into a 30-second video.

The young man, to his credit, even while protesting, managed to keep a pleasant affect.  However, if my reading of what happened on that video is correct, I would have advised him to leave that elevator immediately.  Crazy people have no stopping point, and things could have gone from stupid and irritating to dangerous in a matter of seconds.  Instead, he should have stepped off, taken his video to the police, and charged those women with assault.  All this bullying hysteria must stop, and the best way to stop it is for the people acting out their leftist-inspired madness to face serious consequences.

In any event, Twitter users had some excellent points about what was happening in that video:

I'll be interested to know if the backstory to this video ever emerges.  Our assumptions about what happened may be completely wrong.  Still, the women's crazed energy so perfectly matches the modern zeitgeist that it's hard to believe the video isn't showing exactly what it seems to show.

Image: Two crazed women on an elevator.  Twitter screen grab.

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