Tournament of Roses Parade goes dystopian

The Tournament of Roses Parade formerly was meant to be a celebration and affirmation of the new year's beginning. But in 2021, the parade included a horrifying dystopian vision on an award-winning float yesterday. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation sponsored a float title “vaccinate the world” in 2 places, featuring a robot that apparently would vaccinate all, with no human involvement needed (except as subjects, willing or not). The float was even the winner of Queen award for most outstanding presentation of roses.

Twitter video screengrabs



The TV commentators’ narrative, which must have been taken from materials supplied to them by the float’s sponsors, said that it was intended to “…encourage equity in global vaccination and treatments for Covid 19.” “Equity” in the context of “vaccinate the world” with an non-human machine administering the experimental vaccine apparently means “submit to a force beyond your control.”

Nothing could better illustrate the mental divide in America between the establishment vaccine fanatics and those of us who worry about the largest medical experiment in history coercing the populace into accepting an experimental drug whose side effects cannot be understood for years.

Is the AIDS Healthcare Foundation so rich that it can spend money on a float that has nothing to do with AIDS? Does it remember that Dr. Fauci pushed vaccines as a solution to AIDS?

I am uncomfortably reminded of SNL's robot insurance parody:


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