Was COVID authoritarianism a practice run for something far worse?

We’ve learned over the last 20 months that, if a government can cause people to panic, people will readily forgo all their freedoms in return for a promise that the government will keep them safe. One man has decided that the COVID panic is a successful trial run for future tyranny based upon the allegedly existential threat of climate change.

John Hinderaker, at Power Line, came across an article from Cambridge University Press entitled “Political Legitimacy, Authoritarianism, and Climate Change.” The author, one Ross Mittiga III, is a Ph.D. in Poly Sci who ran unsuccessfully as the 2017 Democrat party candidate for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. According to a quotation on BallotPedia, his campaign focused on climate change:

As someone who has dedicated his career to studying the politics and ethics of climate change, no issue is more important to me—or central to this campaign—than the need for robust environmental protection and climate action.

Mittiga is a true believer and he believes in the “whatever it takes” approach to stopping the climate from doing what it does naturally. In the article’s summary, we get Mittiga mournfully concluding that “contemporary political theory literature” would answer “no” to the question “Is authoritarian power ever legitimate?” That, however, does not stop the panicked and intrepid Mittiga,

I argue, however, that there exists another, overlooked aspect of legitimacy concerning a government’s ability to ensure safety and security. While, under normal conditions, maintaining democracy and rights is typically compatible with guaranteeing safety, in emergency situations, conflicts between these two aspects of legitimacy can and often do arise.

And how did Mittiga come to this conclusion that, if a government promises its citizens safety in an emergency, it can do away indefinitely with civil rights and individual liberty? Why, COVID—what else?

A salient example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, during which severe limitations on free movement and association have become legitimate techniques of government. 

Mittiga is unmoved by the fact that it’s becoming increasingly clear that those “severe limitations on free movement and association” did nothing to slow COVID’s spread. He would dismiss claims that, by making the population less healthy, COVID authoritarianism probably increased the number of unnecessary deaths, whether from COVID itself, or from untreated diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc.), suicides, and overdoses. What matters is power.

Image: Climate change (edited image). Freepik license.

Mittiga’s contention that “[c]limate change poses an even graver threat to public safety,” means there’s really one way to deal with it: “legitimacy may require a similarly authoritarian approach.” It’s irrelevant to the true believer that climate change is natural and that anthropogenic climate change is illusory.

This is a man who panics when he sees, “Hottest temperature ever” in some place or another without understanding that we have temperature records that go back only 150 years or so. We have no idea what the “hottest temperature ever” is. He’s also unclear on the fact that, as Christopher Monckton explained, the math behind “global warming” is completely wrong.

Still, Mittiga isn’t the only deluded fanatic when it comes to climate change. All Democrats believe in the fiery Armageddon of coming climate change and will do anything to stop it. If that means selling their children into permanent government bondage, they’ll do it. What’s to be hoped, though, is that the disaster that is the Biden administration will cause people to question their allegiance to the Democrat party and to start getting red-pilled hard and fast.

Put another way, at this point, our only hope that leftists will not be able to induce panic leading to climate authoritarianism is to think of Lincoln’s famous saying: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

So far, with that “two weeks to flatten the curve” lie, leftists fooled all the people some of the time. In the 20 months after that, they fooled some of the people all the time. That would be the leftists who are turning into human pincushions as they beg for boosters and have whipped out their masks again to protect against a cold.

It remains to be seen whether they can go to the panic well again or if, like the boy who cried wolf, leftists will discover that they’ve finally reached the point at which too few people are willing to be fooled.

For some time, I’ve been looking for a good post in which to use this video about mass psychosis. Given the plan to use climate change to create complete and permanent tyranny in America, this post seems to be as good as any for that purpose:

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