The Drudge Report recognizes that Americans live in fear

Yesterday's main headline on the Drudge Report was about January 6, 2021, and the right-wing "insurrection."  You know, the one where the so-called insurrectionists didn't have any guns.  Drudge claims that Americans fear a repeat.  Really?  That's news to me.  (Incidentally, I agree with the rumor that Drudge sold his Drudge Report for millions but still allows the leftist new owners to use his name.)

I work for a multinational Fortune 100 company.  I go to country taverns out in the sticks — because that's where I'm from.  My life is full of diversity, yet I haven't seen any Americans cowering in the corners of rustic bars or fancy offices, fearing another "insurrection" in which the only folks who were killed were unarmed conservatives.

Since when is marching through a public building without weapons an insurrection?  Don't believe everything the rancid media shove down your throat!  (How come when leftist groups commandeer police stations, this is not called an insurrection?)

What Americans fear, Matt Drudge, is an American military being subversively weakened by design to accept defeat when the real enemy comes knocking.  (Hint: The real enemy is not Russia, Russia, Russia!)

Americans fear being victims of violent crime, economic depression, and endless lockdowns.

Americans fear empty supermarket shelves.

Americans fear a system that allows politicians to conduct insider trading with impunity.

Americans fear more and more manufacturing concerns being shipped overseas and the resulting unemployment in America.  (I recall President Dubya assuring us that we do not need manufacturing; we can thrive by simply providing services.  Can you believe he has an MBA?  I can't.)

Americans fear a government that gives away "free money" so that people are motivated not to work.

Image: Fear created by wayhomestudio.  Freepik license.

Americans fear that the age when Medicare kicks in will be increased to 67 via political fiat.

Americans fear ever-increasing taxes, food prices, and medical costs.

Americans fear crossing weakened bridges and experiencing rolling blackouts due to our crumbling infrastructure.

Americans fear they cannot afford to retire and will have to work until they're 90...or dead.

Americans fear that ever more wicked viruses will be released to kill those of us whom COVID did not kill.

Americans fear the war against fossil fuels — that is, the closing of pipeline after pipeline and the high gas prices that this causes.  Americans fear they will not be able to heat their homes.

Americans fear a deviant government that outlaws life-saving medicines for the citizenry but not for its members.

Americans fear duplicitous new laws that never apply to the politicians who make those laws.

Americans fear sending their children to "school," and, after discovering what their kids are being taught in school, they fear for the future.

Americans fear the results of constant, brain-washing propaganda coming from various media outlets to manipulate policy and bend election rules.

Americans fear corrupt politicians who sell out their country and their countrymen with an empty smile and an amoral wink.

Americans fear rotten "alphabet soup" entities: the FBI, CIA, and CCP.

Americans fear being used as cannon fodder in unnecessary and endless wars that do not benefit us in any way — but instead benefit the elite.

This, Matt Drudge, is what Americans fear.

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