5 days after blaming GOP for 'Vacations cancelled ... back to masks,' Eric Swalwell photographed maskless enjoying vacation in Florida

Eric Swalwell is the most repulsive hypocrite on the current political scene.  The former boyfriend of Chinese spy Fang Fang is a huge advocate of masking...for others.  Like Sandy Cortez and many other Democrat politicians, he goes to the free state of Florida to enjoy the liberty of going about a normal life, an implicit endorsement (as in "voting with his feet" — albeit temporarily) of the governance of Ron DeSantis, the man whom Democrats most fear as a 2024 presidential candidate.

The U.K. Daily Mail once again scoops the American media with extensive copyrighted photographs of Swalwell chatting up an unidentified female in the lobby of Loew's Miami Beach Hotel, while his infant child sits in a stroller.  You can see a thumbnail-sized version in this tweet:

The sight of prominent Democrats enjoying mask-free vacations in Florida is a potent refutation of their entire hijacking of COVID for the purpose of grabbing power.  Ron DeSantis has bravely stood apart from the madness, and Florida is thriving as a result.  It is so attractive that Democrat scolds go there to have fun and escape the strictures they impose on their own subjects constituents.  It reminds me of the legends of Saudi princes drinking, gambling, and whoring in Las Vegas while piously supporting religious strictures back home.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab (cropped).

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