Let there be light

Genesis 1:3, from the NIV:

“God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”

When God spoke light into existence, it was not just the creation of light, but energy as well. It is one of the laws of physics that govern the entire universe.

From Estrella Mountain Community College:

First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. The total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another. The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed. In essence, energy can be converted from one form into another.”

I could have chosen any number of sources for the law, but they have it worded in a clear way that is understandable for many. One does not have to be a physicist to have a basic understanding of the laws of physics.

The First Law of Thermodynamics is one of the simpler laws to grasp at first, but rather difficult to understand, which is why scientists have hardly begun scratching the surface of energy. At its core, the same energy God created at the beginning of the universe remains to this day and will continue on for eternity.

If there is no God, then how did energy come into existence?

Atheists have no answer to this question. They write it off without any real thought behind how an eternal force came to be because serious thought leads to serious questions that lead, unavoidably and inevitably, to God.

Something that cannot be created was, in fact, created. No atheist can deny the existence of an eternal force, which is exactly what energy is. Something with no beginning and no end is eternal.

The intellect of God is so vast compared to man that it can only be called awe.

Ponder on this for just a moment. God created the laws of physics by speaking them into existence, including an eternal force that cannot be created.

I find the thought rather humbling.

There are plenty who deny the existence of God and demand a negative be proved, yet they are the ones who cannot answer when challenged with clear evidence that God does exist. The demand they make on others is never accepted of themselves. They are the ones with no answers because not a single law could have come into existence without God.

Not a single natural law could have come about randomly. Man does not create laws. Man discovers the laws that already exist. Laws that cannot be violated by anyone.

Remove God and there are no laws to govern the universe. Not a single law could have come about randomly, and energy could not have come about at all. Something that cannot be created was created by God. The evidence of God fills the heavens with every star that is seen.

The evidence of God is proven every time a light is turned on in a room, people look to the heavens to see the night sky or look at the sun. Everything requires energy. Without energy, there is no light.

The stars in the heavens we can see may, in many cases, have burned out long ago, but the energy used to create them continues to exist.

Compared to creating an eternal force that cannot be created, what is sparking life into the lifeless? Something else atheists have no answer for.

With God, all things are possible. Without God, not a single law of physics is.

Photo credit: Pixabay license

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