I love California too, but...

I love California, too.  I love the sun, the ocean, the beaches, the rivers, the mountains, the variety of scenery.  I grew up and earned my living in Northern California — but it has changed.

I hate the government and what it has done to my adopted home.  It has forced me to seek retirement in Nevada.  Now Californians moving here are destroying the freedoms here in Nevada, with our governor Steve Sisolak and his lockdown and mask mandates.

The CA government dispenses its favors with a teaspoon and takes your money away with a steam shovel, giving it to bums, junkies, illegal aliens, and favored corporations.

Why is U-Haul short of truck rentals for people wanting to leave California?  Why does it cost $3,600 to rent an outbound U-Haul from California to Texas but less than $800 to go the other way?

If you are Laurene Jobs or a FB or Google mid-level or upper-level employee, California is great but, for the middle-class family trying to get ahead, California is a disaster.

Just for starters:

  1. I pay about $1 less per gallon for gasoline here in Nevada
  2. I pay $0.10 per KwH for electricity in NV — in California, you pay $0.16–$0.40  for the same electricity.
  3. Brownouts and blackouts of power are few, even on hot summer days.
  4. I pay zero income tax in Nevada, which does not even have a personal tax return.
  5. My home property tax increase is pegged at 3% per year, but it starts at a much lower level.
  6. Nevada actually goes after criminals who break the law.  Petty theft here is taken seriously, and criminals are pursued and punished with more than a citation and a slap on the wrist.  Ask O.J. Simpson what he thinks of the Nevada criminal justice system.
  7. I do not pay a CRV on beverage containers in NV (in CA, $0.05 per can or small bottle).
  8. I get a free bag for my groceries every time I go to the store in NV.
  9. I can take a shower for as long as I want here in northern Nevada.  Our water bill varies by pennies every month.
  10. I do not need a vaccination passport or any document to eat in a restaurant.
  11. There is no 1% tax on lumber here in Nevada.
  12. There is no inheritance tax in Nevada.
  13. You can freely buy guns and ammo here in Nevada.  No ID is needed to buy ammo.
  14. There is little trash on the streets here, and it is actively cleaned up.  Bums and junkies do not inhabit our freeway underpasses with trash and tents.
  15. We have cheap and plentiful natural gas to efficiently heat our water and homes.  California is banning clean natural gas in new homes.
  16. Road rage incidents here are few because you never know if the other guy has a gun.
  17. Pepper spray is freely available here, and you do not need to get trained to have it.
  18. NEM (Net Energy Metering) 3.0 will go into effect this month in CA, making solar installations less than a great deal for California consumers pondering new solar installations.
  19. SB9 and SB10 essentially eliminate traditional single-family zoning laws in CA.  The laws permit erecting six-unit multi-family housing in single-family neighborhoods.
  20. Our trains do not get looted in Nevada.  This is a recent phenomenon in California.
  21. To the best of my knowledge, there are still only two sexes in Nevada.
  22. In the S.F. Bay Area, bridge tolls just went up from $6.00 to $7.00.  If you need to cross a bridge to go to work, it will set you back $140 per month — not chicken feed.

I am not saying that Nevada is soooo great.  We have corruption, mismanagement, torrid summer weather, and weak consumer laws — but compared to California, the Silver State is a little bit of heaven.

Image: Public Domain.

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