Hakeem Jeffries lets the cat out of the bag about Dems' plan for America

Sometimes, the truth gets out. 

That seems to be the case with Joe Biden's "Freedom to Vote" bill, which his fellow Democrats are shilling.  Problem: One of them said too much.

Jeffries is the fifth most powerful Democrat in the House and considered the heir apparent to jurassic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  He's a power. 

His self-revision in that video, that he was talking about "César" Chávez, is total nonsense.  César Chávez was a famous labor organizer who had little to do with voting rights.  He had a job in his youth registering voters, but that's a nothingburger compared to his claim to fame with organizing a large union and advocating for rural workers' rights.  Hugo Chávez, by contrast, is the late, unlamented Venezuelan dictator who pioneered rigged elections under gaslighting claims, repeated on the American left, of expanding democracy for all.  Hugo was able to seize absolute power by corrupting Venezuela's election process, starting in 2004, when he knew he was an unpopular political goner and subject to a recall referendum under his own revised constitution.  Chávez put the power to call a recall out there for public relations purposes and was shocked when the Venezuelan public took him up on it.  After that happened, he was all about the rigging.

Chávez at the time started by claiming that the signatures were invalid, lost on those bids in the then-still-independent courts, and things just went downhill from there, eventually with him amassing all power, as well as a Fidel Castro–style one-party state, all through the miracle of election-rigging.  Voters at the time reported malfunctioning machines, machines that flipped votes, vote receipts that showed the wrong candidate getting the vote, testimony of non-secret balloting, and a strange contradiction of all the polls out there.  After that, Hugo and his successor Nicolas Maduro were free to spend up the nation's oil bounty on bureaucrats and welfare schemes, destroy the independence of the courts, destroy the legislature with a super-legislature, take over private businesses and private homes, steal farmland, print money, encourage crime to get out of control to make the population passive, employ goons who became death squads, target dissidents for torture and prison and extrajudicial killings, and take orders from Castro's henchmen.

The result speaks for itself.

Shockingly, Jeffries says that's his inspiration.  It was nice for Hugo, who died a billionaire in 2013.  It's hell on Venezuelans, however — and millions now have fled the country for an improved future as...refugees.  The short story is that Venezuela, which the press and the left still bill as a "democracy," is now hell on earth.

That brings us back to Jeffries and his supposed gaffe.

Why was Hugo Chávez in his head as his "example"?  Seriously, who thinks of Hugo when talking of "democracy"?  What kind of talk goes on in the back scenery of Democrat politics for that to float out of his mouth?  Why did he pronounce the words "Oogo Chávez" so very correctly, unlike a lot of other Democrats who can't even get the accent on his very common Spanish last name right?  A guy who can pronounce Hugo's name right is a guy who thinks a lot about Hugo.

Who is Jeffries?  Jeffries is a proxy of the New York political machine — Brooklyn, actually, which is pretty much a sewer, but that's their establishment.  He's a loud supporter of Hillary Clinton, choosing her over Barack Obama in 2008, but since closely allied to President Obama.  He's not part of the crazy upstart scene of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who defeated longtime Democrat fixture Rep. Joe Crowley.  Based on what I can tell, Crowley seems to have been a mentor of Jeffries.  The three congressional districts of Brooklyn are all palsy with one another and have produced the likes of Jerry Nadler, Anthony Weiner, Nydia Velazquez, Chuck Schumer, Crowley, and the like.  Closely aligned to them have been Reps. Gregory Meeks of Queens and Jose Serrano of the Bronx.  The latter two were prominent in the early aughts with Hugo Chávez's CITGO free or low-cost fuel giveaway, brokered by another establishment Democrat, Joe Kennedy, Jr. and his Citizens' Energy.  Jeffries was never explicitly connected to Chávez praise as they and their ilk were.  But New York City certainly was a recipient of the free Hugo fuel.  Jeffries may have been too smart and disciplined as a Democrat to openly praise Hugo as they did.  It's also significant that Jeffries tends to speak up for the interests of his constituents, which, in his case, involve many Guyanese-American voters.  They're quite socialist, and had a love-hate relationship with Chávez, premised on Chávez's vow to invade and annex half their country.  It's safe to say that on the ground level, rather than the government level, Guyanese don't like Chávez, and Jeffries seems to be in tune with that.

He's the establishment.  He's the new leader, the Pelosi successor.  He's actually a pretty disciplined, focused, and smart politician, according to most all of the accounts about him.

Yet still he praised Hugo Chávez and declared the thug the Democrats' new model for America.

I'm not flattering the guy, just stating that he is not normally a wild madman.

Focused?  Check.  A puff piece on Jeffries's wife, for instance, from lo-fo-focused Glamour Fame, sums up what seems to be Jeffries's raison d'être:

The politician knew what he wanted to do with his life, and getting into politics was the end to all means for Hakeem.

Disciplined?  Check.  From Politico, from December 2021:

Jeffries is more guarded, with a small circle of confidantes. The New York Democrat won't entertain questions about his leadership aspirations, telling reporters he's focused on the job in front of him.

More disciplined?  Check.  From a puff piece in New York magazine in March 2019:

They aren't gaffes; Jeffries is incapable of making those. Asked whether it is really elevating the discourse to call the president of the United States the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, the congressman shrugs. "It is unfortunate that someone with the tendency to act like a racial arsonist now finds himself as president of the United States of America, who should be trying to bring us together instead of tearing us apart. "

This makes his gaffe, which he imperfectly tried to change to César Chávez, all the more interesting.  How could a guy who doesn't gaffe like Joe Biden make that kind of mistake?  What's more, do you notice that his bid to catch himself, he finishes up with blather about admiring "leaders"?  Does that include both Hugo and César?  He didn't even do a good denial.

The left has been enamored of Hugo Chávez for years, and always stepped up to the plate to serve as his apologist.  It's harder now, with a quarter of Venezuelans on the road, and people back home drinking out of sewers and eating zoo animals, but the love remains on the left.  Not only do they love the guy; they eat up his propaganda about being in a democracy, which couldn't be farther from the truth, and worse still, they view his dictatorship in democracy's clothing as a model.

Venezuela can't even get election observers anymore in its elections, but the left loves on.  The Organization of American States has condemned its last one as "fraudulent."  Here's the Voice of America lede on the matter:

On December 6, the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela staged a political farce intended to look like legislative elections.

The Carter Center in 2005 wrote this about Venezuela's 2004 recall referendum, which it gullibly certified as free and fair:

In the end, many of the threatened restrictions on the OAS and Carter Center observer missions did not materialize, and the CNE granted both organizations 20 Dr. Jennifer McCoy and the OAS chief of mission authorization for all of the observers requested, complete freedom of movement on election day, and access to all technical locations of the process, with the exception of the central totalization room. The CNE restricted national observers, waiting until the last moment to approve a national observer group and then restricting their credentials to twothirds the number requested. ■ Recommendation: The CNE should be much more open to national and international observation by credible and experienced groups. Such observation will enhance confidence in the process and help ensure transparency, integrity, and legitimacy of the process, which only helps to enhance respect and confidence in the CNE

Notice that credulous quality, assuming from the start that the elections were all free and fair, and all they needed to do was open their process to "enhance confidence."  Just a little public relations problem, you see.  They didn't seem to notice that maybe the totalization room is the most likely location to find vote fraud.  George W. Bush, Jr., it should be noted, is the one who signed off on putting Carter to the job of monitoring Venezuela's votes, and accepted the findings, so Carter wasn't the only credulous one here.  The Obama administration carried forward the credulousness, too.  Chavista e-zine Venezuelanalysis noted that President Obama's secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, actually plagiarized Bush's secretary of state:

Clinton then labelled Chávez as "a democratically elected leader who does not govern democratically." The latter remark constituted a virtual verbatim plagiarizing of the Bush administration's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who accused Chávez during her own confirmation hearings four years ago of being a "democratically elected leader who governs in an illiberal way."

The pair of them argued repeatedly that Chávez was elected "democratically."

By 2013, though, the Carter Center threw in the towel on these "democratic" elections, pointing to huge irregularities in the presidential "re-election" and then refusing to observe the fraud hellhole it had certified earlier at all after that. 

The fraud was just too out there, so they acted as if this was something new, which it wasn't.  Venezuelan experts had carefully pointed to the fraud, again and again, dating from that fraud-filled 2004 recall referendum, which was duplicated and worsened in every election since. 

By 2017, the Wall Street Journal was reporting this:

EL CASABE, Venezuela — Aires Pérez Rodríguez traveled by canoe for three hours to deliver the paper receipts showing a total of 225 votes cast for state governor in this hamlet. Then he passed them to his aunt, who drove them a further 150 miles to the Bolívar state capital.

When the official count was released days after the Oct. 15 election, however, there were an extra 471 votes for the government's candidate. It wasn't just Mr. Pérez, the opposition party's election monitor, who noticed. The ruling Socialist Party's own election supervisor in El Casabe realized it, too.

"This is illegal," said Luciano Mendoza, the election supervisor, who showed The Wall Street Journal the voting-machine receipts that counted just a third as many votes from the hamlet as reported by electoral authorities later. "They say they bring justice, but instead they commit fraud."

Mr. Pérez's evidence prompted opposition officials in Ciudad Bolívar to make more comparisons of voting receipts to an official tally on the National Electoral Council's website. All told, in records reviewed by the Journal, they discovered that more than 2,500 votes were added statewide, flipping the winner of the Bolívar state election from the opposition candidate—briefly listed as the winner on the Electoral Council's website — to the government choice.

The declared winner, Justo Noguera, a National Guard general from outside the state who never held political office, took office two days later in a surprise midnight ceremony.

And now we have Jeffries, deep with his Democrat machine politics, vowing to bring that Hugo scene to America.  If that's not a reason to reject Democrats in the next election, what is?  What they want for America is rigged phony Chavista-style elections.  Jeffries just let the cat out of the bag.

Image: Official, public domain.

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