Have you ever prayed to be wrong?

From the time COVID started, I've been a bit of a maverick.  I didn't stay home.  I never have worn a mask that wasn't easy to breathe through — one thin layer, and only where I'm forced to wear it.  I always believed that science would find drugs that could keep us out of the hospital — and those were, indeed, found early on.  I was never scared of COVID itself.  I figured if I was making healthy food and other lifestyle choices and got outdoors a lot for exercise (and believe me, it's daunting when you're the only one outdoors, and there's a sign every block saying in big, block letters, DANGER! STAY HOME!), then I'd be healthy.

I watched with fear as we descended into increasing irrational terror.  I watched as Trump put the vaccine development on "warp speed" and said to myself, "This germaphobe is putting the cart before the horse, and it scares me."  They certainly keyed into his weakness with this virus!  I watched as Fauci and Birx self-contradicted and confused every issue.  I watched as Trump got COVID, got treated, got over it rapidly — and felt as if my sense of the positive possibility of cure and then immunity was validated.

I also watched as family members succumbed to both the fear and the demands of their jobs and got jabbed.  I had begged and pleaded with them not to do so, explaining that the "vaccine" was untested and we had no idea of the long-term effects.  I wrote a lot about it.  I accused the government of a lot of things, and I knew just as well and certainly as could be that electing Biden would be a disaster in terms of rationally approaching treatment for the virus.

I was always terrified of the unknown effects of the vaccine, far more than the possibility of death from the virus.  I watched as this became the only illness in American history where people were told to go home, do nothing, and suffer until they couldn't breathe, and then go to the hospital.  I watched them disappear into the maw of the unknown, as visitors and advocates were disallowed.  Many never made it out.

Image: Vaccine (Freepik license) and Skull and Crossbones (freeiconspng).

I watched and wondered, as I heard of this or that person who suddenly had bad cancer, heart failure, miscarriage, or stillbirth.  Nobody could say for sure why this happened.  I worried that we would see all kinds of neurological diseases spike higher, too.  From the beginning of COVID, I have found my only solace in voracious reading, trying to understand as well as any layperson could what was going on, and writing about it so I could share my thoughts with others.

We have come to a pivotal point in this process of vaccination and boosters and abject failure to stop COVID.  We are learning that we don't have to take this vaccine and that the only rational reason for forcing it upon us is to make us all prey to the fear and get us all signed up for a nefarious digital "medical ID."  There is no other reason.

Now we know of some countries, like Israel, where they have 95% of all citizens (except for the frail elderly and babies) taking two, three, and even four shots, yet they're having more and more virus infections.  The stuff doesn't work.  Period.

This morning, I had this video arrive in my inbox.  Talk about chilling!  I'll warn you if you're squeamish: it's a bit hard to watch.

In this worldwide exclusive, Dr. Jane Ruby meets with board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. Mr. Hirschman reports that he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. He also reported that he has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%.

I watched the whole thing, and the part that stuck in my mind the most was when Dr. Ruby asked Hirschman if he talked with the families of the people he embalmed.  He said that was not his job; he talked only with the funeral directors.  Then he said this: "I don't want to take away hope from all the people who've already taken this vaccine."  He imagined how it might be when a wife and husband, for instance, got the vaccination together — and he had to tell her that this is what killed him.

He also said he's in touch with his colleagues, and they're all seeing the same thing.  This phenomenon is somewhat corroborated — without the visual proof — by this story from England, which shows that thrombosis deaths are up 500–600%.

Hirschman said he hoped, by coming forward, that there might be a way found to stop this seemingly inevitable slide to death.  I pray there is.  I have never in my life been so regretful of being right and fearful for our future as a civilization.

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