Funny how similar Paul Pelosi, Jr.'s and Hunter Biden's biographies are

Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi are about the same age.  Both of them have almost zero qualifications for any productive business endeavor, but they have endlessly used their parents' powerful position to greatly enrich themselves with high-paying positions at corrupt institutions.  Many of these board seats and honorific titles can't exactly be called "jobs."

Yet most of the media have zero interest.  Here is what ZeroHedge reports:

What's Going On With Nancy Pelosi's Son?

For starters, Paul Pelosi landed a $180,000 per year job as Senior Vice President at data company InfoUSA — while he was also a full-time loan officer at Countrywide Home Loans in San Mateo and had zero experience in database marketing. According to investigators, between 2001 and 2004, before Pelosi Jr. joined the company, InfoUSA knowingly sold fraudsters the data of millions of Americanswhich was then used to scam elderly people out of their life savings.

According to a 2007 New York Times report on the investigation, InfoUSA sold a list of 500,000 gamblers over age 55 called 'Oldies but Goodies', which described its members as 'gullible'.

InfoUSA also sold lists of people with cancer or Alzheimer's called 'Suffering Seniors', the Times reported. The data company denied their lists had such titles.

Iowa investigators found emails showing InfoUSA staff knew the firms they were selling to were being investigated for fraudulently targeting old people, but continued to sell the data regardless, the state's AG said. —Daily Mail

More on Gupta from

How about this for a story? A man leaves India for Omaha with $58 in his pocket. He starts a company in 1972 that reaches peak revenue of $400 million, spends a night in the Lincoln bedroom, puts Bill Clinton on its payroll, sails Bill on his 80-foot yacht with an all-female crew, and flies Hillary Clinton to campaign events on his corporate jet.

And he’s as happy as a clam — despite getting sued by shareholders, being pushed out as CEO, incurring over $12 million in debts to settle shareholder lawsuits, and using insurance to pay $13 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that he sold his company — netting him $150 million for his 40% stake — at too low a price.

The man is Vinod Gupta, former CEO of InfoUSA, a company that built a database that marketers use to sell everything from consumer products to politicians.

Gupta got himself into a larger-than-life heap of trouble.

Funny how that sounds like Hunter Biden, with all his international cronies and shady business deals, some apparently on behalf of the Biden crime family.

Nancy Pelosi has great knowledge of why the Capitol was not secured on Jan. 6, 2021, and refuses to turn over documents.  Reps. Adam Schiff, Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney also seem to have no interest in Pelosi while they seemingly target anyone who happens to know Trump.

The media also don't give a damn about Pelosi because they are simply campaigning for Democrats and seeking to destroy Trump and the Republicans.  They know that Biden and the Democrat policies are extremely unpopular, so they continue to claim that a protest where one unarmed protester was shot by a cop was an armed insurrection. 

The truth and corruption haven't mattered to the media for a long time.  Only power for Democrats. 

Image: Screen shot from video posted by The Jay Martin Show via YouTube.

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