Fear porn, testing hysteria, and tyranny

According to the mainstream media, print and digital, COVID is surging, omicron is deadly, and everyone with a scratchy throat runs to a testing center to see if he is "infected."  It's madness on a grand scale.  Most of them are not infected, but these thousands of hypochondriacs are waiting hours in line for a test that, even if negative, may be positive the next day.

The clamor for more tests is ridiculous.  Everyone has known since July that the PCR tests were faulty to the point of being entirely useless — which the CDC finally now admits.  The tests are a form of trickery, another tool in the government's fear campaign.  Viewers who rely on the mainstream media for news have been illegitimately frightened into believing that the sniffles mean omicron and that omicron is serious.  It's not.  It's a cold.

How can so many Americans born into this country that was "conceived in liberty" be so submissive to the state?  Perhaps because for thirty years they've been lulled into obedience and have forgotten how to think for themselves.  "Take these experimental vaccines — they'll protect you from COVID."  Oops!  That is not true.  "Take these vaccines, and you could still get COVID, but you won't end up in the hospital."  Oops again.  Not true.  "Get the booster, and you will be protected."  Another oops.

Fauci and his partners in crime haven't a clue what their chemistry experiments can and cannot do.  But they definitely want every American jabbed; it means big bucks for their corporate buddies and their fellow bureaucrats.

One thing has become explicit: Fauci and his cohorts had been dying to experiment on us all for years and years.  Their plan was all part of the Great Reset these self-appointed elites have long embraced.  Their plan never included informing the public about prophylaxis or early treatment — Vitamins D and C, zinc, quercetin, NAC, ivermectin, HCQ.  No way.  Those solutions had to be suppressed, censored.  Any doctor, no matter how impressive his advanced degrees in epidemiology, virology, vaccinology etc., no matter how many patients he successfully treated with ivermectin or HCQ, had to be silenced, his career ruined.

The mainstream media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al. were all on board to suppress any information or expert opinions that did not coincide with the government lies.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are ushering the gullible and uninformed into communism.  Those who rely on those outlets for their news do what they're told by their media overlords.  As for those self-appointed overlords, not one of them thinks for himself or has an original thought — not Maddow, Stelter, Cuomo, Cooper, Stephanopoulos, Wallace, Tapper, or Todd.  They are each and every one in service to the state.  They seem to give no thought to the immorality of what they spew, to the consequences of their abject servility to a government-mandated position.

Vermont, the most vaccinated state, has its hospitals overflowing with fully vaxxed people with no symptoms!  Can we say mass hypnosis?  Yes, because that is what is happening.  We are, seemingly, a nation of wannabe sick people.  It is as though a positive COVID test is a badge of honor, as well as a path to paid unemployment.  This is proof of capitulation to authoritarianism.  COVID did originate in a lab in Wuhan, China; it is a product of gain of function experimentation that Fauci funded with our taxpayer dollars.  Was it released upon the world by accident or design?  Someone knows, but not we.  But know this: China is an evil entity, a plague on the civilized world determined to be the world power in short order.  Biden's installation in the White House was and is part of their plan; they own Joe Biden.  They made his family fabulously wealthy by corrupt and illegal means; they own him, and he is doing and will continue to do their bidding. 

It is a national tragedy that so many Americans have fallen victim to what increasingly seems to be a grand hoax.  COVID is a serious illness for the elderly and those with comorbidities like obesity, diabetes, lung or heart disease.  Those are the people who should have been quarantined, protected in isolation.  The vaccines may actually be of use to those who fall into that category of the vulnerable.  The public health officials, like the odious Fauci, should have been blasting the protocol for prevention loud and clear everywhere.  But they kept what they knew to be effective treatment under wraps to push the vaccines.  Tens of thousands of lives could have been saved had the public been informed about how to prevent and treat early those who became sick.

These are not good people, the Faucis, Collinses, Birxes, the Bidens and the mandatory vaxxers in the media.  They have systematically used and exploited the ignorance and vulnerability of the American people to perpetrate a crime against humanity — experimental, emergency-approved vaccines without a clue about the eventual consequences.  They have actively suppressed any and all information that contradicts their narrative.

The vaccines may turn out to be a slow-motion killing machine.  We must all hope this is not true, but given the numbers, the fact that there have been many more deaths after vaccines than before, and the fact is that far too many young athletes have died from heart damage after being vaxxed, the unthinkable may be true.  One only has to consider the vengeance Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the MSM wreak upon any medical expert who dares to offer an opposing opinion, warnings, to realize how deadly serious the globalist left is about its dream of implementing the Great Reset, their dream of a one-world government, a reduced and controlled population on their knees.  Let us hope their dream never comes true. 

Americans need to wake up, fight back, reclaim the independence they are entitled to, the freedoms our Founders fought and died for; the time is now. 

"One of the most traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It's very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project." —Ronald Reagan, 1961

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0 license.

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