California lines up another assault against parents

In California, the most populous state in America, a proposed bill allows children as young as 12 to consent to a vaccine without parental permission.  This is yet another leftist effort to break down the nuclear family.  This is the latest front in California's battle against parents.

According to the AP article, the proposal before the California Legislature comes from San Francisco's Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat.  The openly gay Wiener, a Harvard Law graduate, has dedicated himself to several issues revolving around sexuality and children.

While he was a San Francisco supervisor, Wiener got the Board of Supervisors to agree to bar the city from doing business with companies based in states that haven't passed civil rights laws that, instead of just applying to all citizens equally, make special mention of people on the LGBTQ+++ spectrum.

Once he was elected to the state Legislature, Wiener was a leader in making California's government documents recognize "non-binary gender."  To date, he has not proposed an option for other mythic creatures, like unicorns or elves.  Wiener also led the charge to prevent any misgendering for LGBT seniors in old-age institutions, a law that the Court of Appeals finally killed because it attacked employees' free speech rights.

One of Wiener's most recent and successful bills requires criminals to be housed in the prison that aligns with their "gender identity."  In other words, a physically intact rapist can "identify" as a woman and be housed in a woman's prison.  Weiner also tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent parents of those few babies born genuinely intersex (that is, with both male and female sexual organs) from performing reconstructive surgery on the babies.  Instead, he wanted those children to go through life as victims of horrific teasing and abuse until the children themselves decided on the surgery.

Image: Vaccines in Victoria, Australia.  TikTok screen grabs.

And now, once again trying to interfere with parents' ability to have a say in the child, Wiener wants the vaccine decision to be put into a child's hands:

"Giving young people the autonomy to receive life-saving vaccines, regardless of their parents' beliefs or work schedules, is essential for their physical and mental health," he said. "It's unconscionable for teens to be blocked from the vaccine because a parent either refuses or cannot take their child to a vaccination site."

To justify this position, Wiener points to the fact that, in California, children 12 and over can already get Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus vaccines, as well as being treated for sexually transmitted diseases.  It's noteworthy, too, that children in California can get contraceptives and, if those fail, abortions, without Mom or Dad butting in.

Leftists usually justify such laws by saying children are too afraid of their parents to report that they are sexually active and suffering.  Unspoken, of course, is that these laws are a dream for sexual predators, both adults and fellow minors, who prey on vulnerable children.

Of course, California doesn't squeeze out parents entirely.  Children under 18 still need parental consent for a tanning bed and body piercing (other than ears).  For tattoos, consent is insufficient, and the parent must be present.

In other words, the state says that if a teen wants to get a flower tattooed on her ankle, Mom must be there.  However, it's contemplating allowing a child to take an experimental injection with no data about its long-term consequences.  Further, the injection fails to protect against a virus that doesn't affect healthy children to begin with.

Meanwhile, as you think about that, you might want to watch this pro-vaccine video from the Youth Affairs Council in Victoria.  You'll note that the older woman is quite obviously older than the child she's "dating."  Meanwhile, the girl, who still talks about her parents as a child would, is identified as being "over 14," implying that she's just achieved 15 — or perhaps, to avoid statutory rape charges, she's 16.  You'll note, too, that the wokeness extends to a Black Muslim health care worker:

@yacvic Pro tip: if you're over 14, you can have your own Medicare card and consent to getting vax'd #LiveLoveJab #covidaustralia ♬ original sound - YACVic

I originally read that the government promoted the video, but the Twitter account stating that has been deleted.  Certainly, the Youth Affairs Council got so much pushback that it was forced to issue a statement justifying the ad — with its statement boiling down to saying that the law says kids can get vaccinated, so our video is fine.

Ultimately, leftists are promising young people that they will take better care of them than their parents will.  However, legalized euthanasia is instructive.  Socialized medicine countries morally justified it by saying a kind state, unlike greedy families, wouldn't guilt people into killing themselves.  However, the state does not love you.  You are a widget, whether you're a 15-year-old girl or a 70-year-old cancer patient.  Your family will bankrupt itself to give you life; the state (and statists) will encourage you to pull the plug to save it money.

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