Biden's first year of epic failures

Whatever he touches turns to disaster; sadly, it is likely there will be three more years of this mess.

It has been exactly a year since Biden entered the White House, and it is time to take stock of his record thus far.

The economy is failing, with inflation at a 39-year high, causing essential items to be more expensive.  This has hurt all Americans, especially those from lower-income groups who are already suffering following prolonged lockdowns.

For those affluent Americans not affected by high inflation, the supply chain crisis has caused a shortage of essential commodities all over the country.

Don't say there was no warning.  Bide bites his wife's hand, campaigning in December 2019.
YouTube screen grab (cropped).

The influx of around 1.7 million illegal aliens places an enormous burden on taxpayers. The fact that these migrants are not vetted causes them to be a considerable safety risk.

Covid-19 and Omicron cases continue to surge, the impact is much worse than it was under President Trump. Despite a promise to "shut down" the virus, Biden has no strategy to combat the virus. He called it the "pandemic of the unvaccinated," attempting to blame citizens. He also claimed there is no federal solution to combat Covid-19.

Beyond America, the hasty and ill-planned withdrawal from Afghanistan has left that country unstable and has undone all development in that region.  The Taliban has banned teenage girls from attending school.  Harsh winters have caused Afghans to plunge into abject poverty and hunger.  American citizens still remain in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan disaster has emboldened China and Russia, who continue to display brazen aggression toward their respective neighbors of Taiwan and Ukraine.

Biden surrendered to Putin over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Biden's appeasement of the Iranian regime to revive the nuclear deal was a failure.  It may have emboldened Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi movement to conduct a terror attack on the UAE.

The French were antagonized by the Biden administration when Australia withdrew from a multi-billion-dollar defense deal with France and struck a new defense deal with the U.S. and U.K. 

Israel, the key U.S. democratic ally in the Middle East, hasn't been treated very well.

Even the "special relationship" is under threat since the U.S.-U.K. trade deal is in limbo.  Biden didn't even inform Boris Johnson about his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Democracy continues to be in danger.

The Biden administration continues to misuse the various agencies of the government to persecute political opponents and brand them as domestic terrorists.

The blatantly partisan committee to investigate the "insurrection" of January 6, 2021, has the sole function of stopping President Trump from running for president again in 2024.

Biden's far-left agenda has suffered a drubbing. 

The Supreme Court blocked Biden's vaccine-or-test mandate that targeted corporate employers.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema rejected Biden's plea to abandon the Senate's filibuster rule that would have enabled Democrats to pass a voting rights bill.  Among the items on this bill is a ban on state photo voter ID laws, which makes voter fraud easier.

Biden's plan for big government with Build Back Better is dead in the water, and once again, Democrats such as Senators Sinema and Manchin are the reason.

During his recent unhinged speech in Atlanta, Biden implicitly compared Republicans and his fellow Democrats Manchin and Sinema to segregationists Bull Connor and George Wallace.  It was slammed by Republicans and Democrats for being unpresidential, divisive, and crass. 

The Squad led by AOC is also irked by Biden's failure to cancel student loans and implement reforms for health care, immigration, and climate change.

Member of some Black and Hispanic civil rights groups, which Biden considers his core constituents, refused to appear with Biden for his voting speech in Atlanta.  They are disappointed by the lack of action on voting rights.

Hence, in just a year, Biden has been at odds with Republicans, moderate Democrats, progressive Democrats, and civil rights groups.  This failure in politicking is quite astounding — the very least you expect from a veteran politician and his handlers is to maintain cordial relations with all and get things done.

If Biden has been a disaster, Harris is considerably worse.

She struggled with her role from the very first day. 

Harris was assigned a task to manage the border but failed to even travel to the border for a long time and struggled to explain her reluctance in an interview.

Harris's travels to Guatemala and Mexico were spectacular failures.  Instead of striking deals that would be concrete steps to stop the influx, she indulged in a theoretical exercise to find the "root causes" of illegal immigration.  Even the most vacuous among humans know that everybody migrates to the U.S. for a better quality of life.

Her travel to Asia following Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan ended up a mess.  She struggled to explain the Biden administration's rationale for withdrawal, displaying a shocking lack of preparation.  Even the BBC noted that Harris made America appear like an "incompetent, uncaring and unreliable" ally. 

During her interview appearances, she frequently babbles incoherently and loses her temper, and then there are her poorly timed giggles.

The result is that the disastrous duo of Biden and Harris have suffered all-time low approval ratings.

If the enemies of the U.S. were to author a manifesto on how to destroy the U.S., its reputation, and every inviolable fundamental principle it was founded on, all the items that the Biden administration has ruined would be on the list. 

This has caused skeptics to wonder if these were acts of sabotage, the goal being to destroy the country and rebuild on socialistic principles.  The motive for the transformation of the U.S. is to ensure a monopoly over power.  The Democrats managed to achieve this in both New York and California, where the ablest among Republicans is likely to lose to a potted plant with "D" after its name.

Some historians are saying Biden has endured one of the worst first years among modern-day presidents.

Beyond his poor performance, Biden hasn't even pretended to be conciliatory or unifying or even an inspirational figure.  During his many unhinged outbursts, such as the speech on the anniversary of January 6, he attacked President Trump and his supporters.  Hence, his promise to "join forces, stop the shouting and lower the temperature" made during his inaugural speech was empty.

The situation is so calamitous that even the propaganda wing masquerading as the mainstream news media is finding it impossible to spin these failures.  CNN's Don Lemon, who was overcome by emotion when Biden was declared president-elect, has been dismayed by Biden's poor performance.

This would also explain Biden's reluctance to do press conferences and media interviews.  He has nothing to boast about, and his declining cognitive abilities have caused him to struggle to construct basic sentences and recall elementary facts.  A presser would be a recipe for another disaster.

The only hopes to mitigate this devastation are the Republicans winning both the Senate and the House with their spines intact such that they can fearlessly take on both the Washington Democrat Establishment.

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