Abandon your principles, all ye who enter here

I feel as if "abandon your principles, all ye who enter here" is the motto, not just of the U.S., but of much of the world right now.  The shame that will ultimately come to our zealot oppressors can't arrive too soon, and it's barreling down the pike.  People are awakening to what our world, our country, my state, have mandated — the potential destruction of humanity by injection with a flawed, untested, and often lethal substance.  When the state willfully causes great bodily harm to the citizenry, as is becoming more and more evident, it becomes harder to cover it up.

When even the Pfizer CEO says the "vaccine" is useless, how can this ruse continue?  When scientists like Stephanie Seneff at MIT start predicting, out loud on TV, an upswing in neurodegenerative diseases caused by the vaccine, people will notice.  Cancel culture will try to silence her, as they have others like Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, but more people are awakening to the shocking realization that they have blindly followed the Pied Piper and will reap a deadly harvest, including the destruction of their own, and in many cases, their children's health.

You can't silence the facts forever.  Look at Australia, where, for all its draconian measures, there's now a huge upsurge of cases.  Or, for that matter, look at all the elite athletes dropping dead on the field.  I showed a video about this fact to a family member who laughed at it a month ago.  Now it's an everyday occurrence and making the mainstream news.

Meanwhile, back here in oblivion land...things are moving a bit slower.  My little burg's newspaper brags that 96% of elementary and high school students are vaccinated.  In terms of freedom of movement, there are only two weeks left before local draconian measures go into effect.  On February 1, Oakland, California, joins Berkeley and San Francisco in mandating the jab for dining out, entertainment, and gyms.

Image: Older people exercising.  Freepik license.

This nonsensical and useless move is, so far as I can tell, just as unconstitutional as Biden's mandate for employers was.  If I am unwilling to "show my papers," I won't get to exercise my rights as a free (and heavily taxed) citizen.  I will become openly discriminated against.  And that's all because I held to my principles, refusing to take a substance into my body that I am 100% certain will harm it.

I've already stopped dining in any establishment taking it upon itself to ask for proof of vaccination because I refuse to show monetary support for a restaurant that misguidedly imposes the restriction.  I won't even get take-out.  Some of the restaurants that embraced the passport were run by friends.  I argued with them, sent them factual material, but it was in vain.

Now the line is being redrawn because every restaurant is mandated to adopt that practice.  As a lifelong chef, I can live without the restaurants.  I cook 99% of the time anyway.  But I am not willing to live without my three weekly gym workouts.

If you're familiar with my writing here, you know I never, ever believed that staying home and vegetating would help stop the spread of COVID, and I have said so from the start.  I've also championed treatment and, frankly, have never feared the virus despite being in the "dangerous" age group, over 70.

During the height of the year-long full repression, I hiked daily — my only choice for vigorous exercise because gyms were closed.  Unfortunately, because of recent major foot surgery, those long hikes became painful.

As soon as the gym was again an option, I went back to it and followed the routine my physical therapist and surgeon both outlined for my recovery.  I've become one of those obnoxious elder gym rats I once disdained, and my routine, along with a good diet, not only keeps me healthy but has saved my sanity in these days of utter balderdash passed off as medicine, even as real medicine is being canceled in the name of profit.

And so, once again, faced with the choice of curtailing my life because the same bureaucracy that allows the violent in our local society free rein, mandates that those of us who didn't get the jab can't live freely, I will have to decide.  Stay or leave.  Like so many in our state, I may opt for the latter, at least temporarily, until we "catch up" to the reality that COVID is endemic.  We've reached, or soon will reach, herd immunity and all the mandates are just plain stupid, both vaccine and mask.  That decision is coming.  In the meantime, I guess I'll see what happens.  February 1 is coming.  Would that common sense arrived first!

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