A California pre-school is closed because two-year-olds won't wear masks

Exactly five years ago, I was in Hue, Vietnam, the site of the Tet Offensive, an American victory that Walter Cronkite helped turn into a defeat.  The Viet Cong eventually took over Hue and, said our guide, with tears in his eyes, "the revenge killings were terrible."  I thought of leftists on a rampage when I read about what the California Department of Social Services did to Foothill Christian Church Preschool in San Diego and to its director, Tiffany McHugh.  The Viet Cong would have been proud of what was essentially a bloodless, but nevertheless highly effective, massacre.

There are a few preliminary facts to keep in mind as you consider the news report I'm about to share.  First, California is a one-party state — the Democrat party.

Second, California is drowning in crime and poverty.  In 2019, before Biden erased the Southern border, California was home to 10 million illegal aliens.  Rather than address their criminality, Gavin Newsom wants Californians to give them free health insurance.  Meanwhile, in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, Soros district attorneys refuse to prosecute crimes.

This video alone, of the detritus just left lying around after package thieves attacked cargo trains in Los Angeles, is perfectly illustrative of the state of the state:

I was unable to find recent information about the total number of small businesses that closed in California thanks to the state's utterly draconian COVID edicts, including forced student vaccinations with this experimental product.  As of the beginning of June 2021, a rough guesstimate was that almost 40% of small businesses permanently shut their doors.  Considering what the state has continued to inflict on its residents since then, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that the final number is closer to 50%.

Here are a few more important facts: vaccines don't work to stop COVID's spread.  Omicron is not deadly, it attacks the fully vaccinated, most cases in America are now omicron, and omicron is peaking and ready to recede.  Regardless of the variant, children without serious comorbidities neither catch nor spread COVID.  And one more fact: Two-year-olds are not yet children; instead, they are still babies, and it's both cruel and futile to force a mask on these little ones.

Image: Tiffany McHugh.  YouTube screen grab.

So: California is falling apart, omicron isn't a big deal, children don't get sick from COVID, and two-year-olds can't and shouldn't wear masks.  With that background, here's the story that has me seeing so red I could spit:

California Christian preschool director has been barred from ever working with children again after she 'failed to encourage' two-year-olds to wear face masks in class.

Tiffany McHugh, the director of Foothills Christian Church Preschool in San Diego, had her license stripped after the Department of Social Services shut down the preschool because McHugh couldn't get students to keep their masks on.

'We were coming up against a lot of parents who didn't want their children to be masked that young,' McHugh told CBS 8.

'There were a lot of children who were just too young to wear masks, they pull them off. It's really difficult.'  

The school is appealing, and there's a hearing set for a month from now.  Parents are protesting as well.

But where do Hue and the Viet Cong come into this?  California is a socialist state, and this is a Christian pre-school in a still relatively conservative county.  What the state is doing looks like a pure revenge purge.  Christians can't be allowed to continue teaching children that things other than "the state" should have pre-eminence in their lives.  And the state is making damn sure that, even when the imaginary plague ends, Ms. McHugh never gets to spread her "evil" religious doctrine to children again. 

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