You'll never believe the latest evidence of an 'insurrection'

On December 24, Biden gave America the gift of self-denunciation.  When Jared Schmeck, along with his son, called the NORAD number that Joe and Mrs. Jill Biden were manning, Schmeck puckishly ended the call by saying, "Let's go, Brandon."  The feckless Biden echoed this sentiment, adding delightfully, "I agree."  It was a prank, but it was enough to enrage the Democrat party praetorian guard (i.e., the media).  They identified Schmeck as if he'd aimed a gun at Biden's head, and then they proceeded to attack him viciously, including doxing him.  The peak media madness came when a CNN talking head said Schmeck's prank constituted an "insurrection."

Here's the prank, which was polite and, to a lot of people, bespeaks frustration with rising inflation, a failed COVID policy, insane energy prices, and (still) the fiasco of Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal:

The moment Biden stepped into the verbal dog doo, both news media and social media responded with the fervor of fundamentalist Muslims who just heard Mohamed blasphemed:

As RedState reported, some of the Democrat madmen are trying to destroy Schmeck's business for daring to say, "Let's go, Brandon" to the great white dope in the White House.  Doing so will destroy not only a family man, but also his eleven employees.

Even politicians got into the act:

It's really nice to see that Swalwell has forgiven himself for having an affair with a Chinese spy and therefore feels sufficiently sinless to start casting stones.  He's satisfied himself that what he did was way less bad than pranking the president with a phrase that came courtesy of an NBC sports reporter.

In response to this hysteria, conservatives have been reminding leftists that, during Trump's presidency, the latter's behavior was the most disrespectful toward a president since Southerners rejected Lincoln in 1861:

Shame and self-reflection, though, are not Democrat virtues.

However, when it comes to extreme takes, nothing equals the response from Ron Brownstein, a CNN analyst and Atlantic writer.  Schmeck, he says, is fomenting "insurrection":

(Hat tip: Red State.)

Brownstein has concluded that he wasn't being "insurrectiony" when he accused Trump of racism; of aiming for totalitarianism; of emboldening Iran; and, of course, of colluding with Russia.  Somehow, it's always different when they do it.  Accusing the president of base, illegal behavior is a peccadillo compared to pranking him with a phrase that simply means "I don't like you."

Let's bottom-line it: the people in the media (social and news) are crazy, but not in an amusing, harmless way.  They are crazy in a dangerous, lunatic fashion.

I honestly don't know how this madness ends.  The drive-by media will do anything to enshrine the Democrat party in permanent power, and if this means turning anyone who opposes the political agenda into an enemy of the state who must be placed in a gulag like the prison in which the January 6 detainees languish, so be it.  As good little communists, they will do whatever it takes, unconstrained either by moral decency or a little thing called the Constitution.

Image: Biden's Let's Go Brandon moment.  Twitter screen grab.

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