Videos: Anthony Fauci the shape-shifter

What's gotten into the lockdown king, the White House's chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Suddenly, he's talking sense.

Here are a couple of videos he's on where he's saying the same things anyone with a modicum of medical or public health knowledge has been saying all along about the misreading of COVID statistics.

It's a U-turn from his tireless calls for more COVID lockdowns, some as recently as this week, after continuously ignoring this factor on COVID statistics from child hospitalizations.  Conservative Treehouse has additional commentary on the old chameleon here.

There's also this:

That's a big shift from his previous statements, where he's spread doom and gloom about COVID and the need for ever more lockdowns and quarantines.  Suddenly, he wants quarantine periods to be shortened.  Maybe with three masks?  You can see how many times he's changed his mind in his pronunciamentos.

The old lizard sure knows how to change his stripes.  And maybe that's in the nature of the beast: Fauci, remember, hasn't practiced medicine in years.  He's been a public health bureaucrat for around five decades.  He's one of the oldest employees in government, and definitely its highest paid one.  He's a man of politics, not medical knowledge.  If he were still the latter as he once was, he'd be touting the virtues of hydroxychloroquine and perhaps other proven therapeutics such as ivermectin against coronaviruses, which is what he's done in papers in years past.  What's more, he'd drop his absurd claims about mandatory vaccines and start admitting that there's a such thing as natural immunity and, for that matter, vaccine injuries.  He might even speak out about our unguarded border and the thousands of COVID-infected illegals who are pouring in, pretty much negating all the safeguards everyone else is forced to observe.

But what we see here is Fauci suddenly saying the right things, a couple, at least, same as real medical experts have been saying.

Might that, too, be a function of politics?  Such as midterm elections where Democrats are forecasted to get shellacked?  Or the fact that Joe Biden has washed his hands of getting rid of COVID, which is the argument he used to get elected in favor of state solutions.  He's now walked away from the whole bid for permanent and total power over voters and went on some vacation.

Maybe fewer inconveniences for no purpose whatsoever on the voters is Fauci's means of contributing to the Democrat effort to avoid an election rout.

Suddenly, Democrats are interested in pleasing voters, now that they want their votes.  And sure enough, Fauci is right behind them, suddenly calling for fewer quarantines and a correct counting of child COVID cases.

Politics, not science, seems to be operative here, as it always has been in the time of COVID.

Image: Screen shot from MSNBC video via YouTube.

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