Trans activists have much bigger plans than living as they wish

When leftists talk among themselves, they're honest about what they want.  So, when Kay Gabriel, Jules Gleeson, Ira T, and Elle O'Rourke got together to talk about "trans liberation," they freely admitted that one of the goals of the movement is to bring about a communist revolution.  In other words, what you long suspected is true.

Because I had no idea who Gabriel, Gleeson, T, and O'Rourke are, I looked them up.  The results weren't pretty.

Gabriel has a Ph.D. in classics from Princeton University.  Wikipedia says Gabriel is "an essayist and poet" — with all essays and poets revolving around transgenderism.  If you want a heaping spoonful of nonsense with your breakfast, Gabriel, who graduated in 2020, explains his research:

My research sits between classics and modernist studies, but does not take the canonical form of that interdisciplinary research, i.e. tracking the genetic inheritances of an ancient canon of texts in modernist aesthetics. Instead I invert this impulse: I am interested in pursuing, on the one hand, the role of modernism and the canonization of modernist aesthetics in mediating the narrative category of the classical and the canon of ancient texts. On the other, I focus on the generative crisis that the classical, as a category whose signature gesture is a periodizing narrative of historical rupture, poses to the utopian aesthetics of modernist rupture as formalized in the shock of the new. My dissertation takes up these problems by targeting the longstanding interpretive structure in the reception of Euripides that has taken the ancient Greek tragedian to be preëmptively modern. It proceeds as a series of case studies in the 20th-century interpretation and adaptation of Euripides, looking to moments when the assertion of Euripides' modernity has proved generative for modernist, post-modernist and avant-garde aesthetics.

Here's more stream of consciousness nonsense from Gabriel, who seems to specialize in this stuff.

Image: Kay Gabriel, Jules Gleeson, Ira T, and Elle O'Rourke.  YouTube screen grab.

Jules Gleeson and Elle O'Rourke are co-editors of "Transgender Marxism."  Here's the overview of this "watershed moment in transgender theory":

The first collection of its kind, Transgender Marxism is a provocative and groundbreaking union of transgender studies and Marxist theory.

Exploring trans lives and movements, the authors delve into the experience of surviving as transgender under capitalism. They explore the pressures, oppression and state persecution faced by trans people living in capitalist societies, their tenuous positions in the workplace and the home, and give a powerful response to right-wing scaremongering against 'gender ideology'.

Reflecting on the relations between gender and labour, these essays reveal the structure of antagonisms faced by gender non-conforming people within society. Looking at the history of transgender movements, Marxist interventions into developmental theory, psychoanalysis and workplace ethnography, the authors conclude that for trans liberation, capitalism must be abolished.

Ira T's identity is a mystery, but he/she/it is clearly one of the transgender-initiated.  That's why T joined with Gabriel, Gleeson, and O'Rourke for a "Rabbles of the World" talk:

These are "a series of talks with radical thinkers and agitators who are pushing the boundaries of revolutionary queer praxis. The conversations are for anyone who wants to learn more about histories of queer social movements, and their contributions to contemporary socialist and communist politics. It aims to bridge the ever-widening gap between queer scholarly knowledge production within the academy and activist sites.

By the way, reading through the noxious academic/Marxist word soup that these people generate explains a lot about the unicorn fart world in which transgender activists and other extreme leftists live.  Nothing is grounded upon or even touches down in reality.  It's a tidal wave of nonsense that allows the most vacuous and often foul people to appear as if they're saying something worthwhile.

In this case, one speaker said the transgender movement is to bring about a "communist revolution."  Gabriel responded with a deluge of academic, Marxist gobbledygook, all strung together to agree with that statement:

Not the Bee provides a helpful transcript of Gabriel's incoherent, very wordy response:

Why does this immediately matter to trans people? Well, what do trans people in our particularity have to say or to offer that expands the universalism of a communist society, right?

Which is to say one that would be achieved in time through processes and events that we could call revolutionary, that we would have to call revolutionary because they would require the abolition of society as it currently is...

When we demand, like, society rearrange in certain ways this is part of the project.

In plain English, which they avoid as a vampire shies away from the cross: for transgender people to be fulfilled, they must use transgenderism itself to destroy the entire edifice of Judeo-Christian culture, to bring about a glorious communist revolution that will fully liberate them.

I wonder if any of these revolutionaries realize that all communist societies get rid of their sexual deviants.  After all, communists, better than anyone else, understand that such people undermine society, any society.

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