The perfect comeback for mask bullies this holiday season

The first time I heard “Omicron” I thought it was a new Transformer villain. Before you laugh, I have a sneaking suspicion that COVID variants are named with an eye to creating alarm. Delta Force is a Special Forces unit involved in counter-terrorism, rescuing hostages, and reconnaissance missions against high-value targets. Delta Force is scary by design. The name Delta seems a good fit for a COVID variant that our government hopes to scare us with so they can exercise control over our lives.

I thought Omicron was a new Deception bent on destroying the human race. Considering that the powers-that-be want to frighten us into submission, maybe my first impression of the name is not that far off. Omicron’s most severe symptom seems to be a scratchy throat, but the president is broadcasting doom and gloom and a winter of death. California has responded enthusiastically by bringing back mask mandates, even though there is still no scientific data to support masks. It’s as if the government wants to convince us that Omicron really is something that is bent on destroying the human race, although I doubt a scratchy throat is going to kill anyone off.

Image: COVID masks by Vera Davidova. Unsplash license.

I went shopping today for the first time since the new mandate took effect. As I entered the store, an employee waved a handful of masks and asked if I would like one. I said no, I would not.

She responded that most people are happy to put on a mask because they want to avoid infection. I told her that I believe in the vaccine, that it is safe and effective and will prevent illness, and just like that, she backed off like a vampire confronted with garlic.

It was the perfect comeback, scientific, logical, and irrefutable, especially to anyone who does not exercise critical thinking. I recommend it to one and all for a happy holiday season.

Pandra Selivanov is the author of The Pardon, a story about forgiveness based on the thief on the cross in the Bible.

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