The madness of King Brandon

Less than one year since he assumed office, Joe Biden has managed to turn his presidency into a deeply unpopular monarchy.  No longer is he the genial but generally harmless buffoon who entertained most of us while he was in Congress with his mispronunciations, misquotes, and embellished tales of dubious authenticity.  As a result of the 2020 presidential election that was, at best, questionable, Biden was elevated well past his ability, and he proceeded to wreck virtually everything he touched as leader of the free world.

On his first day in office, via executive order, Biden closed the Keystone pipeline for no other reason than a spiteful rebuke of President Trump's energy independence program.  It was a hare-brained sop to his fellow environmentalist lunatics who believed that this gesture would somehow "heal the planet" and reduce the phantom scourge of climate change.  How that was supposed to make a difference is anybody's guess.  It did, however, immediately succeed in reducing the supply of petroleum to our nation and raising the price of consumer gasoline and oil, as well as transporting goods.  Great start there, Joe!

In August, Biden began a bizarre, ill-advised, and poorly executed withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which stranded many U.S. civilians and military personnel there and left a reported $85 billion in taxpayer-funded, top-of-the-line, and completely operational military equipment for our Taliban enemies to plunder, which they did.  Biden decided that it was a great idea to evacuate troops first and let the rest of the area and our abandoned facilities fall into chaos afterward.  Images of people running to catch airplanes out of the war-torn cesspool flooded the airwaves, which served to underscore the incredibly bone-headed decision to remove the troops who enforced the rules and prevented the area from descending into chaos for many years.  With one stupid decision, Biden handed Afghanistan back to the savage and repressive regime that held it before.  This will be Joe's legacy.

During 2021, Biden's ongoing battle with the American public over COVID-19 revealed the utter contempt he had for anyone who didn't accede to his demands.  His laughably useless mask mandate gave way to his demand that everyone in our nation get an increasingly large cocktail of experimental medicines, with his non–medically supported goal of getting rid of all of the COVID variants due to his mistaken belief that only unvaccinated people could carry and spread the COVID virus.  Once again, Joe was wrong, but he wouldn't stop to admit it.  Rather than consult actual medical experts and not fame-hungry media personalities who sought more time on TV, Biden gave orders for COVID vaccinations and demanded that the populace obey without question.  Like a child who didn't get his way, Biden became increasingly frustrated when anyone dared oppose him, regardless of medical or scientific evidence that countered his opinions.  He surrounded himself with sycophants who swore fealty to him and twisted logic into pretzels to make sense of Biden's decrees.  Former CNN talking head and current press secretary Jen "circle-back" Psaki proved to be especially adept at this.

The summer of 2021 brought hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants into this country via an unenforced border that many described as "porous."  Despite draconian COVID restrictions and required testing for many Americans who live here, Biden turned a blind eye to health concerns and guarding our border.  Instead, he allowed what can only be described as a foreign invasion from virtually anyone, regardless of COVID or vaccination status, who wanted to enter our country along our alleged southern border.  The border wall that President Trump worked to build and fought Congress to fund was disregarded by Biden, and ramshackle, filthy tent cities were set up inside our country by the hordes of illegal migrant families who walked into our country to gain de facto citizenship, courtesy of the Biden administration.   For their trouble, illegal aliens were rewarded with free (American taxpayer-funded) health care, welfare, transportation, career and education assistance, and even $1,400 stimulus checks.

The icing on the leftist cake of idiotic accomplishments was Biden's appointment of pretend woman Richard "Rachel" Levine to the position of assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Biden's HHS secretary lackey, Xavier Becerra, crowed about the historic nature of having a deluded and mentally ill (and yes, gender dysphoria is a mental illness) man who wears a dress as "the first openly transgender four-star officer."  Anyone who didn't participate in Biden's version of make-believe and instead pointed out Mr. Levine's actual sex was labeled a bigot by the lapdog news media and scolded by fellow leftists.  Science!

Throughout his only career in his life, in which he lived on the taxpayer's dime, Biden's main skill seemed to be his ability to win re-election to the Senate by projecting the home-spun image of "Joe from Scranton," which bamboozled voters into believing he was a regular guy who was on their side in D.C.  Below the surface, the reality was quite different, as even his former running mate, Barack Obama, reportedly said, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f--- things up."  After witnessing the events of Biden's first year in office, I believe that every sober-minded American would agree with Mr. Obama's warning.

Political observers knew of Biden's authoritarian leanings before he took office, but they were on full display for everyone once he was sworn into office as president.  With such a disastrous beginning that illustrates Mr. Biden's leadership capabilities, it's already apparent that his presidency will be remembered as an embarrassing footnote in our nation's history.  Hopefully, the elections of 2022 and 2024 will restore some measure of sanity and order to our nation's government.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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