The COVID con is all the Democrats have

In 2019, President Trump's prospects of winning re-election in 2020 seemed all but guaranteed.  An April 28, 2019 Politico headline summed up why: "Dems sweat Trump's economy: We don't really have a robust national message right now."  Of course they had no message.  Trump's economy had gone gangbusters.

In Trump's economy, the poverty rate hit an all-time low.  More Americans were employed than ever before.  The unemployment rate fell to a 50-year low.  This, in addition to the 7 million new jobs created.  Middle-class family incomes had also risen more than five times higher than the previous eight years under Obama.

Trump had also triumphed over the myriad Democrat party hoaxes aimed at subverting the will of the American people and overturning the 2016 election results: the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and the failed quid pro quo impeachment, for example.

Leading up to 2020, the Democrats had already thrown everything plus the kitchen sink at Trump.  They were empty-handed.  Even as late as November 2019, the Democrats were "increasingly worried that their large and divided presidential field" didn't "have what it [took] to beat President Donald Trump" in 2020.

Democrats were desperate for something to campaign on.  While they never found a robust national campaign message to campaign on, they did find a message to campaign against: COVID.

In the first presidential debate, Joe Biden claimed that Trump had no plan for the COVID response.  This was an abject lie.  Trump had gone above and beyond to respond to the pandemic.

When Trump restricted travel from China, Biden denounced the move as xenophobic.

When then–New York governor Andrew Cuomo requested a Navy hospital ship to treat COVID patients in March 2020, Trump sent the 1,000-bed Comfort to New York City.  A month later, Cuomo told Trump it wasn't needed. 

When Cuomo whined about a shortage of ventilators, Trump ordered General Motors to make ventilators under the Defense Production Act.

While Trump bent over backwards to give Democrat governors like Cuomo anything they asked for, Trump also sought to promote effective treatments that the Democrats opposed.

When Trump suggested an openness to hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID as an effective treatment to save lives, Biden denounced it, saying, "What in God's name is he doing?"  Studies have since proved that hydroxychloraquine, combined with zinc, and taken at an early stage in the disease, increased survival rates by 200 percent. 

Time and time again throughout 2020, Trump did, while Biden and Democrats lied, criticized, and obstructed.

Biden even had the audacity to throw shade at Trump's unprecedented effort to rush vaccines via "Operation Warp Speed."  Presidential candidate Biden questioned the safety of the vaccines, suggesting that "their timing and approval" were "distorted by political considerations."  Today, Biden attacks and condemns unvaccinated Americans, who raise the same concerns he once did on the campaign trail.

Biden's entire campaign was a con job.  The Democrat party used their propagandist media to convince their ignorant and irrational base that Trump had no plan to combat COVID, while Biden had a plan that he promised would "shut down the virus." 

But that promise was always asinine.  It was always a con.  No president, governor, or elected body could "shut down the virus" any more than any government or person could "shut down influenza."  It's as true today as it was two years ago that the pandemic is a state of mind.  Effective treatment was and is the only way forward. 

More than a year after Biden conned Democrats into believing he had a plan, Biden now admits that he lied to the American people.  Not only did Biden never have a plan, but he couldn't "shut down the virus" even if he wanted to.  Biden said, "There is no federal solution.  This gets solved at the state level."

While this may appear tantamount to waving the white flag of surrender, it is not.  Biden's confession is less an admission of failure and more an attempt to escape blame — a predictable tactic of Biden and his regime.

Biden doesn't mean he failed; he means that the states have failed.  It's another setup to avoid responsibility or accountability, to pass the blame to red states and citizens alike — those who have the courage to stand up for freedom and personal choice and against unconstitutional mandates and tyranny.

The truth is that Biden conned his way into the White House with his vapid, unrealistic promises of ending the virus.  But even if Biden did have the magical ability to end the virus, he wouldn't.  What once was a con to defeat Trump in 2020 is presently a con to retain power and control the American people.

Biden's and his party's dependence upon the never-ending pandemic to fundamentally transform America is at odds with their stated intention to end the virus.  It's a Catch-22.  Democrats can't end the pandemic and continue to use the pandemic to their political benefit. 

Democrats are as desperate to retain power today as they were desperate to reclaim it in 2020.  The Democrats still have no robust national message to run on in 2022.  The COVID con is all they have.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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