Police defunder advocate gets personal police protection

Hypocrisy, thy name is a woke lefty.

A New York woke lefty named Brad Lander, representing a relatively affluent area, who proudly campaigned for a citywide position as New York City's comptroller on a platform of far-left measures.

...far-left Lander wants to defund the NYPD.  Yup, he'd yank $1 billion out of the police budget even as growing numbers of poor neighborhood residents run for their lives from bullets, stray or otherwise.  Surely, he'll stick with that position after the crime surge dribbles into the affluent brownstone nabes he represents, including parts of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and Park Slope.

Well, it is New York, so, as crime surged in New York, he won in spite of...er, because of this stance.  And, wouldn't you know, he's getting his own personal, round-the-clock, publicly financed New York City Police Department security, which

includes a cop who will chauffeur him around the city — which could mean safer streets for New Yorkers.

The Post exclusively reported in April that Lander has been caught speeding in school zones around the Big Apple eight times in the past five years, despite crusading against reckless drivers.


A spokeswoman for Lander argued that his NYPD detail did not amount to an increase in the police budget or headcount because officers already on the force are routinely assigned to protect elected officials. (snip) "There's no contradiction between believing that some of our public safety dollars would be better spent on supportive housing, mental health services, and restorative justice programs — and following longstanding NYPD protocol regarding safety for elected officials," Dann said.

In other words, "safety for elected officials" in New York City takes priority over safety for ordinary private citizen New Yorkers who must brave dangerous public transportation.

Subway crime rate jumps amid 50 percent increase in thefts

...as there aren't enough police to chauffeur them around.

Hey, New Yorkers, you voted for him. 

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped) via Wikipedia.

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