What Chesa Boudin is really like around crime victims with the cameras off

Chesa Boudin is a gaslighter.  The let-'em-out Soros-financed district attorney of San Francisco, now facing a recall from angry voters, plays pol.  He emotes for the cameras.  He declares his fealty to law and order.  He occasionally meets victims as town halls.  He deplores crime on the record for the fawning media.

But then there's what he does in private, to real crime victims, which is enough to make anyone sick. 

The Marina Times, a bona fide investigative reporting outfit that is otherwise known as a community newspaper, has the goods on what Chesa is like behind closed doors.

It goes into the story of a seemingly sorry character, a Tenderloin ex-junkie who was said to be trying to move out and get her life together after having a baby, who was coldly shot in the face by two thugs, reportedly MS-13 gang members, over her refusal to hand them her day's earnings after selling stuff on the street.  The woman, Emma DeYoe, 32, was shot dead.  The triggerman dropped his gun and walked off while his sidekick picked it up and took it, apparently to hide the evidence.  The gangsters certainly seemed to be aware of the laws of evidence.  When the matter came to Chesa Boudin, the district attorney in charge of putting killers away, he refused to charge them and let them walk.  One of them is reportedly trying to get into the Navy now, quite possibly as a means of claiming veteran status, getting an easy route to U.S. citizenship, or avoiding deportation.

It turns out the young victim had a white family over in Manteca, California, who adopted her as a small child, following her horrific early life in Ethiopia during the time of starvation and murder.  Emma struggled with flashbacks and obviously got into "self-medication" with drugs, which put her in her bad position in the Tenderloin, placed there by welfare bureaucrats, apparently, which she was nevertheless trying to get away from.  The white family sought a meeting with young Chesa to explain why the thugs needed charging and putting away, and instead of a phony concern-troll face from him, as one might expect giving his modus operandi, he was cold.  Icy cold.  The victims' account is truly creepy:

David [Emma's white stepfather] sat in a room with Boudin, his then-chief of staff Cristine Soto Deberry, a victims' advocate, and Diane Knoles, a 34-year veteran of the district attorney's office. 

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house," David says, "except Chesa and Cristine. They weren't crying." In the video, David pointed to how Emma raised the milk crate up for protection, at which point Figueroa shot her "face to face." Boudin shook his head and said, "It's self-defense. And Emma also had a knife." David was stunned. "What knife?" he asked. "Kevin had a gun. Emma had a milk crate." Boudin remained steadfast, telling David the knife in Emma's hand was visible in the video. 

As difficult as it was, David came back to watch the video a second time. "I said, 'Look at Emma! She's running away! How is that self-defense? And what about intent? He left and came back with a gun. Are you saying that's not at least second-degree murder?' and Chesa just stared at me and said, 'No. A judge would never go for that. Plus, we never recovered the gun so we can't charge him.' I said, 'You never found the knife Emma supposedly had either!' Chesa said, 'We see it on the video,' and I said, 'You see the gun on the video!' Chesa just stared at me, like I was wasting his time and said, 'It doesn't work like that.' At this point I was thinking, 'I can't just jump across the table and choke him to death because I'll never get out of here.'" 

Determined to get justice for Emma, David returned to watch the video for a third time with Boudin. "When you read his energy it's like 'I'm not doing anything on this. I have to sit here and listen to the victim's family wasting my time.' Both he and Cristine were incredibly cold. After the third time we watched it, Chesa repeated that it was self-defense. I told Chesa and Cristine I would take it to the feds. Chesa said, 'That's your right.' I looked straight at him and asked 'How do you sleep at night?'" 

What a vile monster.

DeYoe and his wife described the meaning of what happened:

"He was trying to make Emma the aggressor and these gang members the victims. He made every excuse. It was self-defense? Emma was little — five feet tall. She had Wolff-Parkinson disease, which weakens the heart, so she couldn't exert a lot of energy, and she just had a cesarian section. She was not up for fighting." 

According to Emma's friends, the killers boasted about the murder. "They were using the N-word, saying how that's their corner; now they've claimed it," Sherree says. "The hardest part is they're out there living their lives and don't care they killed Emma because Chesa Boudin won't do anything. She was expendable; she was a Black woman in the Tenderloin. They can't possibly understand. Emma was somebody's daughter. She was my daughter."

As for Boudin, Sherree feels the same way as her husband. "He doesn't care. He kept saying, 'It's not my fault. I didn't have any say-so in this. It was the judge's fault.' But judges take recommendations from the DA. He's basically telling people, 'Come to San Francisco — you can kill someone and get a pass.' He says he's there for victims, for Black and Brown people in marginalized communities, but he doesn't give a damn."

Apparently he doesn't believe in any right to self-defense, either.  The point here is that Emma was minding her own business and being attacked by ogres who belonged in jail.  Whether she had a knife or a carton is irrelevant; she was being attacked by savage criminals and got murdered in cold blood.

Instead of caring about that, Chesa tried to gaslight the parents that the case would never hold up in court and gave a phony baloney story about self-defense suggesting that no one is allowed to defend themselves from predators, which isn't the law.  He gave bad law and let a pair of monsters out who had clearly murdered someone so they could prey on others.  Then he had the nerve to act coldly and indifferently to the grieving parents as if they were just some annoying problem.

It's unbelievable, the behavior of a cold communist commissar, or sleazy terrorist, which figures in his background.

I've read Chesa Boudin's very dull, very gaslighty books, which he wrote to impress the Rhodes committee ahead of getting his Rhodes scholarship.  In one of them, he traipsed around Latin America for a few years, playing Sandalista, hanging out with dictators like Hugo Chávez, serving as the Caracas thug's translator and likely a lot more, given that Chávez considered Boudin "royalty" given his parents' terrorist past.  Venezuelan émigrés insist they've seen photos of young Chesa posing happily with Venezuelan gang thugs with some kind of rifle-like weapon in his hand.  If true, it suggests that photos may have been scrubbed from the internet ahead of Chesa's political career.

There is one passage in his book about traipsing around South America, an aside, really, where he mentions his travels in Central America, home of the MS-13 gangs.  He wrote in Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America that his travels to Central America were for a future book.

The only thing one can wonder now, with that sickening show described by the Marina Times, is whether he is somehow in some kind of "debt" to the MS-13 gangs based on his unwritten-about time in "Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua," which have many MS-13 redoubts.  I'd also like to know if he went to El Salvador and Honduras, which have considerable gang problems.

We all know that he scrapped "gang enhancements" to charges of gang members who assault others on the grounds that they had been excessively cited, which certainly benefits gangs like MS-13.

We all know that communist Chávez was pals with every criminal organization in Latin America — from Hez'ballah, to FARC, to fellow Marxist and narco-thug regimes, while Venezuela itself was turned into a gangster's paradise.  That was who Chesa got his start with. 

Is there some kind of partiality Boudin has to MS-13, which is why he treated the family of a murdered black woman seeking justice for her, so very coldly and nastily — gaslighting, citing bad law, and letting the killers out to roam and kill again?

Frankly, I think this is worth looking at.  This kind of behavior isn't normal.  It sets of a bell in my mind that maybe he's got something going with MS-13 or other gangster outfit.  It doesn't square with his statements that he's all concerned about violent crime, it doesn't square with his phony claims about the law, and it's right in there with the behavior of his mentor, Hugo Chávez.  Something tells me some funny information might just come out from the Marina Times again.

Image: Twitter screen shot, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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