Biden apparently thinks COVID deaths are amusing

More people have died from COVID on Biden's watch than did on Trump's watch.  When a reporter finally asked Biden a question about that on Wednesday, Biden's sole response was to give one of his patented "aw, gosh" fecal matter–eating grins, laugh, and walk away.  The media seemed just fine with that.

COVID appeared in the United States during President Trump's last full year as president.  The disease was new and scary, and Trump was getting terrible advice from Anthony Fauci, who is both a wannabe tyrant and a man who was desperately covering his derrière from what's now become the accepted wisdom: COVID started in a Chinese lab, and Fauci contributed a lot of taxpayer money to the project.  Nevertheless, Trump did everything Fauci told him to do and, against the odds, got a purported vaccine to market in record time (although many would now say that was a dubious accomplishment).

It was on Trump's watch that Democrat governors shipped elderly people sick with COVID into nursing homes filled with other elderly people, even though it was known from the outset that the original strain of COVID was most likely to kill elderly people or those with comorbidities.  The old-age homes in Democrat-run states such as New York, New Jersey, and Michigan turned into charnel houses, with people's parents and grandparents dying like flies, alone and frightened.

Biden's main platform when campaigning was that he was going to do a better job dealing with COVID.  He would save American lives.  He would turn America from a graveyard into a place filled with sunshine and unmasked people.

On January 20, when Biden walked into the Oval Office, the official death toll from COVID was 396,837.  (Personally, I think a lot of the numbers are gamed because there's profit to be had from COVID diagnoses, but we'll accept for now the numbers that are out there.)  As of December 15, the COVID death toll stands at 801,003.  In other words, over 7,000 more people died on Biden's watch than died on Trump's watch — and that's despite Biden forcing millions of Americans to take an experimental jab many neither needed nor wanted.

Image: Biden laughs at a question about American deaths (edited in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

In other words, Biden broke his promise to relieve America of the scourge of COVID.  This was always going to be impossible, because COVID is a virus that incubates in animals and quickly mutates.  The best outcome, always, was going to be a swift passage to something like the omicron variant, which is very infectious but incredibly mild.  Nevertheless, Biden made a promise, no matter how foolish, and he broke it.

On Wednesday, a reporter finally asked Biden about all the deaths on his watch and about the consensus that China caused this worldwide fiasco that has proven to be such a convenient conveyor belt to tyranny:

President Biden, on the 800,000 coronavirus deaths, do you have a statement on your responsibility? And why haven't you asked China to do more to be transparent on the origins?

Did Biden pause to mourn the dead?  No.  Did he explain that his administration is putting pressure on China?  Definitely no, and everyone would have fallen down in paroxysms of laughter if he'd even tried to say that.  Did he say he was going to put more focus on treating what is now an endemic disease than on forcing a highly questionable jab on a reluctant population?  No.

What Biden did was flash his signature fecal matter–eating grin, guffaw, and walk away.  By any metric, this was an exceptionally callous response to the deaths of more than 800,000 Americans.  But while conservative media outlets were offended, drive-by media outlets ignored entirely a response that speaks to either serious dementia or what is in a way something much worse: the absence of any human decency.

Here — watch for yourself and see whether I'm exaggerating just how foul Biden's response was:

How far America has fallen now that this dismal excuse for a human being occupies the Oval Office.

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