Stop insulting us with phony social distancing theatre!

The purveyors of panic porn are doubling down on theatrical displays of "social distancing."  Now that the highly contagious but relatively mild omicron variant of COVID is rapidly spreading — and possibly conferring immunity on those who catch it — we are once again being presented with the public figures pretending to keep several feet away from each other.  I use the word  "pretending" because when they think the cameras are no longer rolling, they forget about the social distancing.

One such blatant case was illustrated yesterday by Erin Andrews interviewing Aaron Rodgers, standing almost at shouting distance:

Twitter video screen grab.

But when they thought the cameras were turned off, they hugged:

Twitter screen grab.

Have you also noticed that the "social distances" are getting farther and farther apart?  Check out the space separating Kamala Harris from Margaret Brennan yesterday on Face the Nation.

YouTube screen grab.

That's got to be at least twelve feet.  There is no footage of the two shaking hands or hugging before or after the interview, but I'd be really surprised if they maintained that distance the entire time they were in the studio together.

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