Omicron opportunities

The recent rollout of the omicron COVID strain has prompted me to point out a few salient facts that may have escaped the notice of others.  An advantage of viewing life from the cheap seats is a certain degree of perspective which is denied those who move and shake the times, or even those who watch closer to the field of play.   

Now, I realize that the aforementioned omicron should actually be named the xi strain, xi being the next Greek letter in the on-deck circle for the never-ending cavalcade of COVID mutations in the batting order.  However, the coach for the globalist team decided to shuffle things up, so as not to draw the ire of those who must not be inconvenienced: the Chinese Communist Party.

As it turns out, the sainted saviors of humanity at the U.N. agency probably shouldn't have bothered.  In the final analysis, skipping xi caused more people to notice than if they had simply gritted their teeth and endured the inevitable xi/Xi parallels with the head commie in Beijing.  I wonder what other problematic letters lurk in the rest of the Greek alphabet, or in whichever alphabet is dragooned into servitude next!

But back to omicron, by whichever arbitrary name the powers that be choose to duct tape onto it.  Buried deep beneath the manufactured hysteria around omicron's hyperactive spread, are reports that this new mutation is something of a paper tiger.  Sure, it seems to be easier to catch than COVID-19 (the original) or COVID delta (COVID 2, Electric Boogaloo), but the symptoms appear to be "super mild."  The first reaction of a reasonable person to a super-mild form of COVID is on the order of "Good news.  Hope I don't get it anyway."  The reaction of our self-appointed overlords is more along the lines of screaming louder and longer.  Surprise, surprise.

But let's think out of the box, shall we?  What is the death rate from omicron?  I don't know.  If that statistic exists yet, it is likely being fanatically suppressed, a fate that has befallen most actual facts about the pandemic.  However, "super mild" symptoms would logically result in a lower fatality rate.  More importantly, is the fatality from omicron lower than the fatality rate from getting "vaccinated"?

Let's pause for a moment here, while I point out that the definition of "vaccinated" I use above is the traditional one, which means inoculated so you don't get the disease in question.  The CDC quietly changed that definition earlier this year in order to offer a fig leaf to COVID "vaccines," which apparently don't prevent you from getting the disease.  In fact, rolling up your sleeve for a COVID vaccine jab is a bit like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you'll get.

Now, I understand that doing actual math these days is viewed as a racist activity.  Too many uncomfortable facts are highlighted by math for progressives not to attack it.  Still, let us indulge in a little game of "which of these numbers is higher than the other?," like what they use to play on Sesame Street before it was hijacked to teach LBGQWERTY instead of the ABCs.  If the odds of dying from omicron are lower than the odds of dying from the "vaccine," which doesn't actually keep you from getting Omicron anyway, one might be excused for simply intentionally contracting omicron instead of getting the jab.  The sickness, at least, will provide some natural immunity.  Rolling the dice either way, it seems.

Probably shouldn't go around hugging people who've come down with omicron just yet.  But it's something to think about.

A. Welderson wishes to remain anonymous, preferring morning coffee not fortified with the saliva of some triggered SJW barista.  Fame is fleeting; hepatitis is forever.

Photo credit: Sky News screen grab.

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