Nobody likes Joe

Based on his abysmal job performance, Joe Biden's been unpopular with a lot of voting groups lately, and I'm not talking about just conservatives. 

He's managed to alienate Latinos, suburban voters, independents, young people.  He's lost a noticeable chunk of black male voters.  He's losing with women.

Inflation, violent crime, job competition from illegals, and the monstrous Afghanistan pullout are taking their toll on old Joe's presidential approval ratings.

Now we learn that the rot has spread to the core: even Progressives can't stand Joe Biden.

Here's a new poll from Civiqs spotted by Nick Arama at RedState:

[T]he 37 percent approval rating in the Civiqs' poll — a progressive poll — is bad. It's worse than the Real Clear Politics average which was already bad enough at 43 percent approval to 54 percent disapproval, and the Trafalgar Group poll that has him at 40.4 approval and 55.9 disapproval; although, the fact that they are so low, too, tends to indicate that Civiqs isn't an outlier, that it's on-trend.

In contrast, Civiqs delivers demographics by the barrel, and ... few of them give Biden or Democrats in general any reason to celebrate. The split among independents is actually worse in this poll, 26/63, for a gap of thirty-seven points rather than thirteen among indies. Unlike other recent polling, Biden's ahead with Hispanics but only 50/39, and only 65% of black voters approve of his job performance. Biden is underwater in almost every other Civiqs demo, even among 18-34YOs (29/55!), post-graduates (42/49), and even women (41/48). For the first time in a long while, a consensus has formed between college graduates (37/55) and non-college graduates (36/55).

So now even the progressives can't stand him.

This, in a way, is quite an expression of ingratitude.  Joe threw blacks, women, independents, Latinos, suburbanites, and others over the side in his bid to please the AOC crowd.

Gas prices through the roof.  Bye-bye, energy independence.  Federal drilling halted in the name of "going green."  A major pipeline shut down at the flick of Joe's pen.

No parental input in education.  Critical Race Theory drummed into the heads of the young.  Schools closed.  What teachers' unions want, teachers' union get.

Coddle and pay illegals with bottomless funding while border towns pay extra for the surge, crime, and spreading of COVID.

Throw the poor out of their jobs with vax mandates.  Reintroduce inflation, brought on by Federal Reserve money-printing to pay for Joe's big government spending.

Whip up whitey-as-bad-guy rhetoric, defund the police, ignore violent crime even as turns every blue city into another Caracas.   

Humiliate America on the world stage. 

All of these are progressive agenda items and should make every progressive happy.

But progressives aren't built for gratitude.  They can't be happy until they have it all.  So the Biden administration's failure to get Build Back Better rammed through Congress seems to have put progressives in a foul mood with Joe.  They got their "infrastructure," which has brought us all the inflation.  But unless they can get amnesty for illegals, a Green New Deal, a gargantuan IRS hiring spree, and all the other awful things in that bill passed (and Joe, by the way, hasn't given up; he's planning to try again next year), they'll be against Joe.

Bernie Sanders, after all, did write the BBB bill.  The other thing they want is Joe's voting "reform" bill, designed to Californ-ify national elections, rigging them for leftists.  That would mean ballot-harvesting, junk mail mass mail balloting, zero voter roll clean-up, zero voter ID, and measures to override every state legislative law to safeguard the integrity of elections.  Joe hasn't secured permanent power for leftists, so to heck with all the government spending and critical race theory Joe's "achieved."

That's why their noses are out of joint, meaning pretty much every group out there can't stand Biden.

Biden sold his soul to become president on a raft of cheating.  He changed every "moderate" view he had to a radical one to please the left.  No dirty political trick went unpulled.  Now he's reaping the whirlwind from it.  Normal people run for office and win based on their ideas.  Biden cheated all the way through and then couldn't fulfill his promises without a huge host of bad side-effects.  When he finally hit the wall with BBB, even the rump left turned on him.

Let's go, Brandon!

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video via shareable YouTube. 

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