How media would frame gun violence in an honest world

I believe that it is correct in the Michigan killings for the parents to be charged.  They were extremely negligent and culpable. 

Why aren't school administration officials charged for letting a dangerous kid back in class without even checking his backpack?

Why aren't D.A.s and judges charged when career criminals they let out on zero or low bail kill or maim again?  Isn't it their job to protect society?  They certainly have failed continuously.

Maybe politicians who support no bail policies should be charged for their negligence and stupidity.  Maybe the major donors who elect these dangerous D.A.s should be prosecuted.

Why aren't justice officials who failed to protect Parkland students in jail?  Why are the taxpayers the ones who suffered for the failure of swamp creatures?

Justice Department to Pay About $130 Million to Parkland Shooting Victims

How many kids were abused because the FBI seems more intent on chasing political opponents, like the fictional Russian collusion fraud, than on doing their job to protect society from criminals?

'FBI failed survivors': Massive systematic failures uncovered in DOJ's Larry Nassar report

How many people in the United States and throughout the world died from drug overdoses and terrorism because Obama dictatorially ordered the politicized Justice Department to allow drug-running terrorists to roam free, and why don't journalists care?

Image via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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