Dems dangerous when they see their power at risk

In his December 21 article on these pages, Wolf Howling described the disordered thinking of three high-ranking retired U.S. military officers, who openly sought to justify a military coup to prevent Trump's (second) re-election.  That risk has been much on my mind.

The most dangerous ongoing political phenomenon is the purge of the U.S. military and badge-wearing, weapon-carrying federal agencies.  This is nothing less than preparation for a leftist putsch, in the event the unruly and untrainable American populace should again make the "wrong" choice — as it did in 2016 and 2020.

The scope of electoral corruption required in '22 and '24 to preserve the left's grip on power may well have to be ratcheted up from that employed in '20.  And it may become correspondingly more obvious to a larger percentage of the public.  This time, perhaps, the lie might not be accepted.  For this contingency, the left is no doubt now preparing.

How?  In addition to honing and perfecting its already proven effective election-corrupting techniques, it is openly and furiously trying to convert a newly purged and politicized military, along with key federal agencies, into a brownshirt thug force whose function will be to back up an in-your-face declaration of victory, a declaration possibly more obviously false than the one we heard a year ago.  America's newly South Americanized political police will be tasked with the simple job of standing there, with the implied barroom threat: "What are you going to do about it?"

We are at a dangerous historical point: the left's ideological and policy agenda is so transparently destructive, causing so much suffering and harm, so obviously at war with fact and truth that reliable surveys show Trump currently leading Biden in the popular vote by as much as 8%.  That would translate into an electoral vote landslide.  Were anything like that to occur, credible persons now openly advocate that such a result not be permitted to stand.

The Western globalist/leftist alliance, especially its American iteration, has now fully embraced the conclusion that all revolutionaries inevitably reach: its goals — the abolition of the Western nation-states and the ancestral populations that created them; radically lowered standards of living for the masses; and rule by an interlocking, international, unelected Communist China-like elite — are so indisputably good that any methods utilized to achieve them are justified.  Absolutely gone are any concerns for democratic rule.  The globalist/leftist alliance has locked arms intellectually with Robespierre, Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.  These people have the truth.  Dissent is to be demonized and ultimately effectively banned.  And the possibility of any future democratic mishaps, such as those of the recent past — Brexit, Trump, the AfD in the German Bundestag — are to be cauterized with whatever it takes.

The left has ever projected its own evil habits and plans onto the polite, timid, and well behaved American center-right.  January 6, an unarmed, unplanned walk-through of the Capitol where a few windows were broken (very probably by agents provocateurs), is the best example.  This silly nothing has been risibly turned by the Democrat party and its media parrots into a dangerous insurrection.  What a joke!  From somewhere in hell, Stalin, Goebbels, and Hitler are chuckling, cheering on their Democrat party emulators — no matter how puny, feeble, and unthreatening the event, if it can be cited as proof of your opponents' danger to the state, the Democrats' newly adopted role models urge them to use it.

So never forget: electoral victory may not be enough.  The left in '22 and '24 will be poised for a reprise of 2020, this time with techniques perfected and licensed force more completely at its disposal.

And also never forget: in confronting revolutionary utopian tyranny, force and violence are never the way.  Never.  The guiding example should be the peaceful millions of Eastern Europeans whose bravery in 1989 brought down an entire edifice of anti-democratic repression and evil without firing a shot.

Between now and the upcoming two elections, the continuous focus, for all conservatives, patriots, and real Republicans, must be on preparing to produce an enormous electoral rejection of the Democrats' efforts to demonize and destroy America and on being ready to defend any great electoral victory in the institutions charged with ensuring electoral integrity and the rule of law.

There is no other way.

Despite the great disappointment, so widely felt, at how those institutions reacted to the events of November 2020, there is in fact a widely and deeply shared American belief in the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, electoral integrity, and procedural legitimacy.  That belief permeates the legal profession and the Judiciary.  The arrogant revolutionaries whose claimed possession of absolute truth trumps democracy are a tiny minority.

It is our job to so conduct ourselves, to argue and to prepare, so that those institutions in '22 and '24, overcoming both threats and promises, rise to the defense of any electoral outcome threatened either by fraud or force.

There is no other way.

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