COVID: When it wanes, it pours

Let's say you owned a catering business hired to set up an outdoor wedding.  Rain is forecast, and you can cover only 70% of the seats with tents.

If the rain came, would you expect to have more dry seats with the tents or without?

You would say, "Obviously, you'd have 70% fewer wet seats if you used the tents."  And in a pre-COVID world, you would be right.

Yet 70% of the citizens in Germany have been fully vaccinated against COVID, and still they are reporting record or near-record high daily numbers of new COVID cases.

When it wanes, it pours.

So what do the German rulers propose in response to this pervasive vaccine failure?  Ah, yes...more vaccines, more boosters.

Tip: Never let Angela Merkel plan your wedding.

Now, what if reliable data also showed that for all people aged 30 and above, the vaccinated are significantly more likely to catch COVID than the unvaccinated, with fully vaxxed people aged 40 to 79 more than twice as likely to catch COVID?

Would you impose a lockdown solely on the unvaccinated and allow your "super-spreader" vaccinated citizens to roam freely?  Well, you would if you were Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg of Austria.

Get it?  The more we vaccinate, the more our new cases rise, so we must lock down only those people who have the least chance of catching the virus.  Insane.

A week later, Schallenberg expanded Austria's lockdown to include everyone.  He blamed a "lack of solidarity" and announced his plan to make the vaccine mandatory by February 2022.

This threat of imprisonment is being used more and more to force people to submit to the experimental vaccine, as governments lose control of the narrative that the "woke poke" is safe and necessary for absolutely everyone.

It's been about two years since a new coronavirus first debuted near the Wuhan lab where Anthony Fauci had paid EcoHealth to modify bat viruses.  We've had plenty of time to make some observations about this Permanent Pandemic.

For example, I know many friends and coworkers who took the jab and suffered at least a day of flu-like symptoms.  I know three fully vaxxed friends who have since been ill with COVID, including one who spent months in a hospital and nearly died.  And I know that where I live, in a population of 130,000 people, exactly one person under age 50 has ever died of COVID, and that the year 2020 saw the fewest number of total deaths since 2012.

Meanwhile, statistics from England clearly show that the delta variant COVID survival rate for people under age 50 is 99.96%, whether vaccinated or not.  Actually, the survival rate is even higher, because countless people have had COVID but were never tested.

Furthermore, recovery from COVID is likely to lead to a more robust immune response in the unvaccinated, whereas the vaccine's protection not only wears off, but also only provides a narrow-spectrum immunity, such that those on the vaccine booster treadmill will tend to be more subject to repeat infections by the inevitable variants.  And the long-term effects on the body of multiple injections of the experimental vaccines are an absolute mystery, though almost inherently not positive.

Yet millions of people still anxiously disinfect, mask, and cringe in the presence of other humans, as if only such compulsive rituals could save them from a horrible fate.  They eagerly rush to receive a "booster," as if last year never happened and it's perfectly cool now that the vaccines didn't work very long or well.  These people have fully internalized the Fauci Flu, and the only immunity they've gained is immunity to logic.

Indeed, cognitive dissonance drives almost every aspect of COVID Culture.

Think about it.  Weren't liberals once distrustful of greedy corporations and chemicals and genetically modified foods and such?  Today, the entire Democrat party is ideologically committed to the repeated injection of a Big Pharma concoction that modifies human cells to produce their own COVID spike proteins.  Frankenfoods are bad, but not Frankenpeople.

And isn't the daily consumption of billions of useless Chinese face masks at least a bit of an environmental concern?  Every day I see masks littering the ground and waterways, and they're not very degradable.  Yet we will never see viral images of sad-faced turtles tangled up in masks to shame us all.

Abortion?  Porn?  Weren't those sacred rights, imperative to protect our bodies and a free press?  But now Democrats want to force the Trump Vaccine into every reluctant body, while censoring anyone who raises concerns or suggests alternatives.

Democrats also pretend to believe that only racists would require identification in order to vote.  Yet they are eager to force people to "show me your papers" simply to enter a restaurant.

At least in the old segregated days, blacks could still sit in a separate area.  Today's unvaxxed vermin don't even merit a "colored section."

It's insane.

Martin Fuentes is a pen name.  Like Anthony Fauci, he has not practiced medicine in the past 40 years.

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