Anthony Fauci is no Josef Mengele

Lara Logan claimed that she's heard from people all over the world that Fauci is another Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who sent more than a million people to their deaths at Auschwitz.  The comparison is wrong because Mengele intentionally and affirmatively caused these deaths in the gas chambers.  Fauci hasn't affirmatively killed anyone.  He has, however, consigned hundreds of thousands of people to death through his negative behavior, denying people access to life-saving treatment.  He can be judged for that without bringing Mengele into the discussion.

From the moment COVID hit our shores, there were reports that those who were dying were people with low Vitamin D levels: the elderly and Blacks (who, because of an indoor life in a non-equatorial country, are frequently Vitamin D deficient).  Just this week, Daniel Horowitz wrote that there's now strong evidence of an overwhelming correlation between Vitamin D supplements and a robust immune system that can resist COVID.

We also know that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, if given sufficiently early in COVID's progress and with Vitamin D, zinc, and antibiotics, can return people to good health.  Indeed, if the case of Sun Ng is anything to go by, there's now anecdotal evidence that ivermectin can return to health people on the verge of death.  Ng was dying from COVID in an Illinois hospital that refused to give him ivermectin.  Eventually, a court forced the hospital to give Ng ivermectin, at which point he began a rapid recovery.

To sum things up, there's now excellent evidence (evidence that started to accrue early in 2020) that taking supplements to strengthen the immune system and receiving early treatment with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin (both drugs with decades-long histories of safe and effective use in humans) can stop people from dying.  Currently, almost 800,000 people have COVID listed as their cause of death (although I suspect over-diagnosis).  It's a good bet that most of them would have survived with immune therapy and early treatment.

That all these options were denied them was because of orders coming from the top — from Fauci.  You've read in the news and watched videos for almost two years of Fauci dismissing early treatment and immune therapy.  Instead, for Fauci, it was all about masks, which he frequently acknowledged were useless because people didn't have an endless supply of N95 masks, and lockdowns, which didn't slow the virus but did increase deaths from untreated diseases, drug overdoses, suicide, domestic abuse, and the stresses of economic despair as Fauci's lockdown obsession destroyed a robust American economy.

Image: Anthony Fauci making the chipmunk face (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

I'm reading Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which has meticulously sourced information about Fauci's refusal to authorize treating COVID early, with common, inexpensive therapies:

"By April and May, I noticed a disturbing trend," recalls [Dr. Peter] McCullough. "The trend was, no effort to treat patients who are infected with COVID-19 at home or in nursing homes. And it almost seemed as if patients were intentionally not being treated, allowed to sit at home and get to the point where they couldn't breathe and then be admitted to the hospital."

Dr. Fauci adopted this unprecedented protocol of telling doctors to let patients diagnosed with a positive COVID test go home, untreated — leaving them in terror, and spreading the disease — until breathing difficulties forced their return to hospitals. There they faced two deadly remedies: remdesivir and ventilators. (pp. 69-70)

In subsequent pages, Kennedy describes myriad early treatment protocols that Fauci successfully stifled because, said McCullough, "[a]nyone who tries to publish a new treatment protocol will find themselves airtight blocked by the journals that are all under Fauci's control."  As just one example of Fauci's aggressive efforts to stamp out early treatment protocols, the book goes into detail about how Fauci's NIH worked to stifle the use of ivermectin.  And of course, even as Fauci insisted upon useless masks and dangerous lockdowns, he was silent about Vitamin D, which is the easiest thing in the world to do.

For Fauci, it's always been about expensive pharmacological treatments and the Holy Grail of a vaccine that can never work against a virus that has animals as a vector.  Nevertheless, as we've seen and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. documents, Fauci focuses obsessively on a vaccine that may lessen symptoms (which is good) but that doesn't prevent infection, carries with it risks for some recipients (especially, it seems, healthy young adults), and has a limited effective lifespan.

So no, Fauci is no Mengele.  He's never stood in the center of a concentration camp and consigned people to instant and painful death (with only a rare few escaping that fate).  However, by fanatically promoting masks, lockdowns, and vaccines while squelching affordable, easily available ways to improve people's immune systems and to treat COVID in its early stages, he's almost certainly responsible for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.  You don't have to be a Mengele to leave a trail of dead people in your wake.

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