Chesa Boudin faces recall [updated]

In the S.F. Chronicle this week, disgraced district attorney Chesa Boudin posted a "Hail Mary" op-ed in order to defend his record prior to having to endure a recall election.  He claims that retail crime is actually down, although he fails to include the sad reality that, since one has to steal more stuff in order to be considered a felon, fewer cases are charged. 

He ultimately plunges into the tired old shopworn dogma that policing alone won't do the job of suppressing criminal activity.  What is needed (of course) is a broader, more generous "social safety net."  He does, however, acknowledge that the world has changed since he was first indoctrinated by the Weather Underground, and he admits that not all theft is a "crime of desperation," but is sometimes a result of organized crime.  He also claims that increased police presence only serves to intimidate minority communities.  Maybe he should try telling that to those same communities who are most impacted by these crimes.

At the outset, Boudin alleges that his San Francisco is not at all different from other locales in its exposure to retail theft since such events are also happening elsewhere.  Really?  It so happens that quantity matters, or else so many stores in S.F. wouldn't be closing permanently.

It is rather odd that Boudin ever got to be the D.A. in the first place.  Both his parents, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, were sentenced to prison for being the getaway drivers in a 1981 Brinks truck robbery that left the driver and two policemen dead.  Just before he resigned in disgrace, New York governor Andrew Cuomo pardoned Boudin's father.  His mom had already served out a lesser sentence.  S.F.'s political culture and a bundle of George Soros's money played a major part in setting this all up.  Meanwhile, the recall looms, coupled with next year's statewide primary.

It's still too early to take polling seriously, but the recall alone indicates a cultural shift.  Another sensational flash mob hit on a major retail center on Boudin's turf would likely push the shift still farther.  The local media have done what they can to keep a lid on all the bad news about Boudin, as they did during his 2019 election.  But they can't hide looting sprees and closures of important retail outlets such as Walgreens.

Of course, Boudin is not alone.  He shares the ethos of several George Soros plants in our dystopic urban cores.  First, he went for the secretaries of state — the overseers of elections.  Considering his enormous wealth and his sociopathic intentions, Soros would be a perfect James Bond villain.  Oh, yeah, and his Hungarian accent doesn't hurt, either. 

But now the time has begun for the chickens to come home to roost.  "Defund the Police" has already been proven to be a tremendous political liability.  "No cash bail" is next.  We are now waking up to realize the profound difference between ideology and pragmatism.  It is, however, still not a perfect world, and I'm sure there are still many San Franciscans who will vote against Boudin's recall.  Stay tuned.


A representative of Justice & Public Safety PAC, the political action committee primarily funded by George Soros, maintains that Geogre Soros has not — directly or indirectly — backed or supported or contributed to Mr. Boudin.  Accordingly, reference to Soros financially backing Boudin has been removed.

Image: SFGovTV.

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