Chasten Buttigieg whines about repaying student loans

Pete Buttigieg is a lazy, ineffectual empty suit with a sonorous voice.  His "husband" (a term I put in quotations because I will forever believe that marriage is a heterosexual institution) is even worse.  This useless degree jockey put out a tweet on Sunday making it clear that he feels it's an imposition that he should be called upon to repay his student loans.  That's bad.  What's really bad is when you discover what those loans were for and what he's done with himself since school.

Chasten received a notice telling him that Joe Biden was finally ending the COVID moratorium on repaying student loans.  Chasten thought that was a bad idea:

What in the world does "LOL no thank you Merry Christmas next" mean?  I'm assuming that he's saying, "What a joke that you would demand that I pay off my debts, so just call me back in a year."  His college education seemingly did not include literacy.

The real joke is that someone like Chasten got any loans to begin with.  It was patently clear as he got one useless degree after another that he would never pay off his debt.  Here's the scoop from Wikipedia, which is probably putting the best spin possible on Chasten's life during and after college.  First, his degrees:

2014: Bachelor's degree in theater and global studies.  (This graduate will never repay his loan.)

2017: Masters in Education.  (He will sink only deeper in debt and be obnoxious.)

2020: Harvard Institute of Politics Fellow.  (A perpetually immature and insecure man who buffs up his tattered ego with academics.)

Second, his jobs:

Substitute teacher.  (Will never repay loans.)

Junior high humanities teacher, including theater and the diversity club.  (Will never repay loans but will indoctrinate students in LGBT politics.)

Director of curriculum for the civic education team at the South Bend Civic Theater.  (Aggressively trying to avoid paying loans.)

Wrote a book called I Have Something To Tell You, which quickly vanished.  (And given the illiterate tweet, I'm thinking ghostwriter.)

And that's it: three useless trips through academia and a handful of mostly make-work jobs.  Ultimately, his only real accomplishment is being gay.  Color me unimpressed.  There was never any chance that his degrees would pay off, but he took them anyway — and now intimates that he feels put upon that he's being called upon to pay them.

Image: Chasten Buttigieg (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

Meanwhile, his buddy Pete is doing pretty darn well for a man with no real accomplishments — and getting elected as mayor to one of America's most crime-ridden cities and leaving it in the same condition when his term ended, dropping out of a presidential run, and being the most feckless transportation secretary ever do not count as actual accomplishments.

Pete gets over $221,000 per year as transportation secretary, in addition to the $800,000 to $1.8 million he earned before joining the Biden team.  Since then, he's received more huge advances for his new book Trust, probably coming in at something in excess of a million.

But with all that money floating around their home, Chasten still wants you, the taxpayer, to shoulder the financial burden he acquired — a burden any reasonable person would have known up front he could never repay.

These parasitic, useless, showboating men disgust me.  Throughout my academic career, I made decisions to ensure that I could repay my loans.  I went to public universities, worked all year (part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer), and chose a career that would justify what small loans I did acquire.  There's no way I'll willingly subsidize these spoiled, entitled brats, or the millions like them across America.

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