Kamala Harris tries to fake it just as Peggy Noonan told her to

A few days ago, Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan cast herself into the role of Kamala Harris's protective mentor, writing a column offering Harris helpful advice on how to get her poll ratings out of the toilet.

In a column titled "Kamala Harris Needs to Get Serious," she wrote:

The president is old and his judgment questionable; she seems out of her depth. We will have another three years of this? It is also dangerous: We don't want their weakness to become America's weakness.

And so some thoughts on how she might improve her situation.

First, the good news. The Harris Is Incompetent stories are played out, at least for the next few months. More would be overkill. The good thing about having been killed is nobody expects anything from you because you're dead. Expectations are low. Ms. Harris can use the time of her deadness to focus on why she's failing. Those who know her doubt she is capable of deep change, and a reset would have to deal not with surface matters but those more fundamental. Still, she'd be staring into the abyss right now, and perhaps seeing this is her last chance to correct a bad impression.

Why she'd want to offer public relations advice to a committed radical Berkeley leftist with a record of corruption whose aim is to turn America into Venezuela is something of a mystery, but there's no fathoming La Noonan's logic, other than that she hates President Trump that much.

La Noonan suggested that Kamala put on a façade of earnestness and humility, crack open a book for once, and work to spread and sugarcoat Joe Biden's (odious) message about how he'd like to communize and bankrupt the country.  She should "lend what skills she has to the public presentation of the administration's stands," wrote Noonan.  The columnist thought Kamala blew it with her Guatemala trip because she kept babbling about "root causes" of illegal immigration. Noonan accurately stated that everyone on Earth knows what the root causes of that are, which made Harris look idiot-minded.  Those latter problems of substance don't quite figure in La Noonan's logic because for her, it's all about fooling the public.

Predictably, the left was outraged at the column.  "A blatant attempt to tell a woman of color to know her place," tweeted one rabid leftist.  "A disgusting hit piece," tweeted another.  "Peggy Noonan is every white woman who feels threatened by a competent, confident and joyful Black woman," raged a third, mangling Harris's national origin a bit.  It went on and on, the lefties shrieked.

Yet some of it probably was good unpaid advice from a wannabe public relations person in that it would accomplish its mission of making the public think Harris was something better than a cackly giggler, an affirmative action hire, and a woman who slept her way to the top.  The problem is that in burnishing Harris's reputation as someone serious, she remains a radical leftist with contempt for the American people.

Despite the lefty howlings, Harris herself seems to be taking the advice, given her rock-bottom poll numbers and her desire to not be ousted as the Bidenites seem to be planning.

The San Francisco Chronicle (of course!) did a fawning interview with Harris describing how "serious" she is, not being "distracted by ridiculous headlines" about her stupid acts and all, citing a boring news item on Harris's opinion on Bluetooth headphones that no one outside the hipster crowd cares about.  Not to leave it at that, they also printed a gush-piece about how Kamala has "redecorated" the V.P.'s office.

To the stupid Bluetooth story, Harris comes out saying, "Really?" as her first way of saying she's a serious person.

She emphasized that she has a hard job and works hard: 

"There is nothing about this job that is supposed to be easy," Harris said. "If something is coming to me, it's because it needs to be addressed and because, by definition, it's not going to be easy. If it was easy, it would have been handled before it comes to me."

That's laughable.  Then the story goes into some symbolic role she played in maternal mortality, a first-lady cause she champions, never mind the risk to women of being trafficked into the U.S. as illegal aliens after paying drug cartels.  But claiming to be hardworking is what Noonan advised her.

Of course, Kamala loves abortion, and she goes into hyperbole for it to show her "seriousness": "Women will die," she said, taking a crack at earnestness, as La Noonan advised.

She also takes La Noonan's advice on spreading the Joe Biden message since Biden can't get an intelligible sentence out:

She has made a point to hold events with women of color and to visit their businesses. Though those efforts aren't as concrete as policy achievements, much of the power of her job is being able to shine the spotlight that follows her in the direction of her choice.

"People call it symbolism, they call it representation, but it's more than that, right?" Harris said. "I judge myself based on, 'and then, what do you do when you are there?' ... It's about a perspective, having the position, and the power to then integrate that into policy priorities and then actually having it take hold."

Naturally, she pads her claim with hot air, as that pretend-serious quote above indicates.

Back on the serious front, suddenly she's interested in the border again:

Harris said the Central America task has been challenging, but cited some success, including securing more than $1 billion in aid to the region from the private sector and international partners, as well as commitments that will improve on-the-ground conditions such as digital banking from MasterCard. She also cited the Department of Agriculture's work to help local farmers adapt to climate change and the Justice Department's work to crack down on corruption and crime.

She cites other people's work as evidence of her seriousness and doesn't get into the fact that she seems to have been shut out of all serious decision-making by the Cabinet officials who seem to be trying to hash out a deal with Mexico to keep the illegals out.

The corporate thing is creepy, given that all of this corporate "investment" comes from political cronies, for one, and seems to be geared toward making illegal immigration easier, rather than life in Central America easier.  She seems to be saying she's muscled more corporate donors to join her, but that will need to be checked.

After that, she dismisses all those stories about her fake French accent employed in France, her political knife fight with Pete Buttigieg, and other unguarded stories that tell us a lot about who she is as "ridiculous."  Anyone who questions her is ridiculous, which is a funny thing coming from a famous giggler like her.

So she's now serious.  She's earnest.  She cracks open books.  She now spreads the Biden gospel.  Sounds as though she's following the Noonan playbook closely now, given her political desperation.

It's her "New Nixon" moment.

Anybody out there fooled?

Image: Mark Warner via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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